APUSH- Ch. 7 Vocab

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  1. Republicanism
    Defined a just society as one in which all citizens willingly subordinated their private, selfish self interests to the common good
  2. Whigs
  3. Mercantilism
    Followers believed that wealth was power and that a country's economic wealth could be measured by the amount of gold and silver in its treasury
  4. Navigation Law of 1650
    Law passed by Parliament to regulate the mercantilist system; aimed at rival Dutch shippers. Said that all commerce flowing to and from the colonies could only be transported in British/colonial vessels
  5. George Grenville
    First aroused the resentment of the colonists in 1763 by ordering the British navy to begin strictly enforcing the Navigation Laws
  6. Sugar Act of 1764
    First law ever passed by Parliament for raising tax revenue in the colonies for the crown; among various provisions, it increased the duty on foreign sugar
  7. Quartering Act of 1765
    Required certain colonies to provide food and quarters for British troops
  8. Stamp Act
    Mandated the use of stamped paper/the affixing of stamps
  9. “virtual representation”
  10. Stamp Act Congress
    Assemblage in New York City which brought together 27 delegates who drew up a statement of their rights and grievances and beseeched the king and Parliament to repeal the Stamp Act
  11. Nonimportation agreements
  12. Declaratory Act of 1766
    Reaffirmed Parliament's right "to bind" the colonies "in all cases whatsover". It defined absolute and unqualified sovereignty over its North American colonies
  13. Townshend Acts
    Imposed a light import duty on glass, white lead, paper, paint, and tea; was an indirect customs duty payable at American ports
  14. Crispus Attucks
    One of the first to die in the Boston Massacre
  15. Boston Massacre
    When British troops opened fire into a jeering crowd, killing/wounding eleven people
  16. King George III
    Ruler of Britain attempting to assert the power of the British monarchy
  17. Samuel Adams
    Master propagandist and engineer of rebellion; organized the local committees of correspondence in Massachusetts
  18. Committees of correspondence
  19. Boston Tea Party
    December 16, 1773 - About 100 Bostonians disguised as Indians smashed open 342 chests of tea and dumped them into Boston Harbor
  20.  Intolerable Acts
  21. Quebec Act
    Guaranteed French subjects their Catholic religion and permitted them to retain many of their old customs and institutions
  22. First Continental Congress
    Fifty-five delegates who met in Philadelphia to consider ways of redressing colonial grievances
  23. John Adams
    Swayed his colleagues at the First Continental Congress to a revolutionary course
  24.  Declaration of Rights
  25. The Association
    Called for a complete boycott of British goods
  26.  Lexington & Concord
    Battle in which the British sent a detachment of troops to seize stores of colonial gunpowder; first mitilary act
  27. “Minute Men”
  28. Tory
  29. Marquis de Lafayette
    19-yr-old French nobleman who was made a major general in the colonial army
  30. Baron von Steuben
    Drillmaster who whipped his colonial soldiers into line
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