PSY 240: CH 15, 1, 2

  1. Abstract Page
    One paragraph summary that's written last
  2. Introduction/Lit Review
    summarizes, critiques, and relates our research articles

    • sets up the hypothesis
    • - why it will be supported
    • - why it's worthy of being tested
    • - why it's being tested the way it's being tested

    states the hypothesis
  3. Funnel Format
    describe a broad general area of research first

    begin to narrow the topic

    finally, focus on your specific research question
  4. Method section
    "how" section

    describes every procedural detail of your study
  5. Participant section
    under the method section

    describes the demographics of the participants
  6. Procedure section
    under the method section

    describes what was done during each research session from the participant's perspective
  7. Results section answers
    statistical findings of your study
  8. Discussion section
    Relates your results to your hypothesis

    Relates your results to the articles in your introduction

    Discuss limitations
  9. Psychology began by using ___ ___ ___ to form and test theories about human behavior
    Unbiased Scientific Observation
  10. Internal Validity
    degree to which a study demonstrates that its treatment caused a change in behavior

    cause and effect
  11. Construct Validity
    the degree to which a study measures and manipulates the underlying psychological element that it claims to be measuring
  12. External Validity
    the degree to which results can be generalized to different participants, settings, and times
  13. Psychological Constructs
    mental states that cannot be directly observed
  14. All participants of a study have the right to ___ ___.
    informed consent
  15. Formal permission to conduct a study must be obtained from the institute's ___ ___ ___
    Internal Review Board
  16. Debriefing
    • explains the purpose of the study
    • answers any questions
    • addresses any concerns
    • undoes any harm
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PSY 240: CH 15, 1, 2
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