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  1. arcane
    secret; mysterious; known or understood by very few
  2. archetypal
    original pattern or model from which all things of the same type are copied; prototype
  3. august
    marked by majestic dignity or grandeur
  4. avarice
    excessive desire for wealth or gain; greediness; cupidity
  5. befogged
    obscured with fog; confused by irrelevancies or distractions
  6. bellicose
    inclined to start quarrels or warefare; belligerent
  7. blight
    something that impairs or destroys; ruin
  8. boisterous
    noisily turbulent; rowdy; high-spirited
  9. braggadocio
    empty boasting; cockiness; a boasting person; braggart
  10. bravado
    blustering, swaggering conduct; pretense of braveryl; foolhardiness
  11. brazen
    impudent; shamelessly bold
  12. cadaverous
    relating to a corpse; pallid; haggard and thin; emaciated
  13. cadence
    rhythmic sequence or flow of sounds in language
  14. callous
    feeling no emotion; feeling no sympathy for others
  15. calumny
    malicious uttering of false charges intdede to damage another's reputation
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