1. mandatory

    • If something is mandatory it must be done
    • This meeting is mandatory for all employees.
  2. percent

    Nearly 70 percent of all cars in the UK are less than five years old.
  3. delicate
    empfindlich, zart

    The cup is very delicate [=fragile] so please handle it carefully
  4. fragile
    zerbrechlich, schwach

    a fragile piece of metal
  5. power grid

    a network of electrical wires that supplies electricity to a large area.
  6. recently
    kürzlich, neulich

    Not long ago.

    Have you seen any good films recently?
  7. recent
    kürzlich, jüngst

    Happening or starting from a short time ago.

    He sent me a copy of his most recent article.
  8. essentially

    What he is saying is essentially true.
  9. it comes down to something
  10. trade
    handeln (mit)

    The trade between the two countries.
  11. demand
    fordern, verlangen

    You can't give in to children's demands all the time.
  12. surplus
    überschüssig, überzählig

    There is a surplus of workers and not enough jobs.
  13. proud

    She was so proud of her son.
  14. announce
    angekündigt, angesagt

    The company has announced plans to open six new stores.
  15. price
    Preis, Wert

    We bought the house at a good price
  16. mechanism
    Mechanismus, Vorgang
  17. regulation
    Regelung, Vorschrift

    An official rule that controls how something is done.
  18. framework
    Rahmen, Gerüst, Rahmenplan

    the basic structure of something
  19. require
    benötigen, brauchen

    He is very sick and requires constant care.
  20. requirements
    Anforderungen, Vorraussetzungen

    Something that is needed or that must be done,
  21. insufficient
    ungenügend, unzureichend

    Not enough

    There was insufficient money to fund the project
  22. sufficient
    ausreichend, genügend

    She didn't have sufficient time to answer all the questions.
  23. huge
    riesig, gewaltig

    extremely large

    They live in a huge house.
  24. particularly
    besonders, ausdrücklich

    Was the food good? - Not particularly.
  25. approach
    annähern, etwas behandeln (Frage)

    A way of doing something

    We are approaching the end of the fiscal year.
  26. decade
    Jahrzehnt, Dekade

    a period of ten years
  27. decay
    verfallen, zerfallen

    Sugar makes your teeth decay.

    The smell of decaying meat.
  28. decision
    Entscheidung, Beschluss

    She has had to make some very difficult decisions.
  29. oversight
    Versehen, Übersehen

    The error was a simple oversight.
  30. to handle sth.
    hantieren, bewältigen
  31. diversify

    To change (something) so that it has more different kinds of people or things.

    You should diversify your investments.
  32. based on
    basierend auf
  33. resilience
    Belastbarkeit, Wiederstandfähigkeit

    Strong enough to get better quickly after damage, illness, shock, etc.

    Life is hard there but the people are resilient.
  34. argument
    Argument, Streit

    There are many arguments for/against nuclear energy.
  35. additional
    zusätzlich, ergänzend

    We plan to take on an additional ten employees over the next year.
  36. dispatch
    versenden, verschicken

    To send someone or something somewhere.
  37. delegate
    beauftragen, übertragen

    Each state chooses delegates to the national convention.
  38. purchasing
    Einkauf, Beschaffung

    Tickets must be purchased two weeks in advance.
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