USAREC History

  1. When was USAREC activated?
    1 Oct 1964
  2. Where was USAREC activated?
    Fort Monroe, VA
  3. When did recruiting for the Army begin unofficially?
    1776 for the Revolutionary War
  4. When was the General Recruiting Service started?
  5. What were the first recruiting stations called?
  6. How long has USAREC been recruiting an all volunteer force?
    Since July 1973
  7. When did USAREC begin recruiting for the Army Reserve?
  8. When did MEPCOM become independent of USAREC?
    1 Oct 1979
  9. When were the Regional Recruiting Commands designated as numbered Recruiting Brigades that we know today?
    Oct 1983
  10. What were the District Recruiting Commands redesignated as?
    Recruiting Battalions
  11. When was the 3rd Recruiting Brigade activated?
    1 Oct 1994
  12. Effective 1 Oct 2002, USAREC was reorganized and placed under what command?
    U.S. Army Accessions Command (USAAC)
  13. What are the colors of the USAREC patch, and what does it represent?
    Red, White, and Blue to represent the nation
  14. When was the Army Reserves added to the Recruiting Commands Mission?
  15. What does the wreath of Laurel and Olives represent on the USAREC Crest?
    Victory & Peace
  16. Who started the General Recruiting Service?
    MG Jacob Jennings Brown
  17. What does the Liberty Bell symbolize on the Recruiting Patch?
    The role of the Recruiting Command in the preservation of liberty and defense of our country.
  18. Where was the first Army Recruiting Command located?
    Hampton, VA
  19. What deficiency was noted of the new approved Recruiting Patch?
    Missing the work "Recruiting"
  20. When is it authorized to wear the Glen E Morrell Award?
    It is authorized for wear w/ the Dress Blue uniform when attending USAREC formal functions.
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