1. What are the differences in layout between a developed city
    and a developing city? 
    • The layout of developing world cities is much less regular
    • than that of a developing world city. Land uses are less well-segregated for
    • two main reasons. Planning controls are much weaker. Explosive growth has mean
    • that newcomers take over any unused land for their homes, These people are
    • called squatters ; squatter settlements consist of slum housing , which grows
    • into shanty towns wherever there is enough unused land within the city or
    • without if not . The layout of developing cities therefor varies from city to city.
    • Unlike developing cities the function of a developed city does not include
    • squatter settlements. Unlike developed cities developing cities have wedges. In
    • developed cities the further you are away from the CBD the more expensive the
    • housing tends to be , but the larger the homes tend to be , however in developing
    • cities expensive housing is from the edge of the CBD outwards in a wedge to the
    • rural urban fringe
  2. What are the differences in land use between a developed
    city and developing city?
    • In developing cities some of the land is used for modern
    • factories however in developed cities the factories are located in the inner
    • city which tends to be run down there for the factories are old and sometimes abandoned.
    • In developed cities some land has no uses, especially in inner cities, there is
    • derelict land around sidings, unused docks and canals, in developing cities
    • there is no spare land, any spare land is used for illegal squatter settlements
    • which only developing cities consist of
  3. why do sqautter settlements develop
    • Because there is a lot of extreme poverty in developing
    • cities and people are left to fend for themselves without financial support
    • from the government . the main reason why there is so much poverty is because there
    • has been rapid urbanisation in developing countries due to a lack of job
    • opportunities in the countryside , so people have moved to the city for jobs in
    • the CBD where there are very low paid jobs such as shoe cleaning , but even
    • this is better than nothing for the poor , however it still means that people
    • can not afford to buy or rent houses so decide to build their own homes but
    • cannot afford the materials needed to build the house so they use any scraps of
    • material that they find¬†
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