Roark Terms 1

  1. Archaeology
    Study of physical objects such as bones, spear points, pots, baskets, jewelry, clothing, and buildings
  2. Artifacts
    Clues to the activities and ideas of the humans who created them
  3. Archaic
    Many hunting and gathering cultures that descended from Paleo-Indians
  4. Homo sapiens
    Migrated out of Africa and into Europe and Asia
  5. Beringia
    Land bridge that opened a passageway hundreds of miles wide between the Eastern and Western Hemisphere
  6. Clovis Point
    Weapon that Paleo-Indians used that has a spearhead
  7. Mammoth
    Large mammals that the Paleo-Indians hunted that eventually went extinct
  8. Anasazi
    Built pit houses on mesa tops and studied the sky
  9. Eastern Woodland
    Alonquian, Iroquian, Muskogean
  10. Southwestern
    Included a quarter of all Native Americans.  Their communities came under attack by a large number of warlike Athapascans who invaded the Southwest.
  11. Burial mounds
    Labor-intensive and shows evidence of chiefdom
  12. Cliff Dwellings
    Used for secret ceremonies, restricted to men, that sought to communicate with the supernatural
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