1. Artist: Robert Campin
    Title: Workshop of the master of Flemalle pg. 572
    Date: 1425- 1430s
    Summary:  Triptyck, oil on wood panel, features those who donated to the church(coming through Mary's garden), Mary is very poised some say the moment the candle is extinguished is the moment she was impregnated , Vase with lillies symbolizes purity therfore making it an Icanography, along with the shiny pot vessel, baby jesus (top left window) , single candle(single presence of God)  Joseph the carpenter on the right making muse traps (bible says cross of the lord is the devils mousetrap)
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  2. Artist: Hubert Van Eyck
    Title: Ghant Alter Piece pg. 576-577
    Date: 1430s
    Summary: Oil on panel, Huge painting (possibly life size) Donors in painting again like Merode. Very dispropertioned to be the ideal figure for back then. ( High foreheads to symbolize high education.) Image Upload 2
  3. Artist: Jan Van Eyck
    Title: Man in Red Turbin pg. 574
    Date: 1430s
    Summary: oil on wood. The very top sites "All I can do" stating that this is all he can do. His form of self expression. Artist from the North, mastered the use of 3 and a quarter portrait. Image Upload 3
  4. Artist: Jan Van Eyck
    Title: Arnolfini Wedding Portrait pg. 560
    Summary:Mand and woman wedding portrait standing in bedroom. References to fertility  (1 fruit eye level to fertile body part (2 female closest to interior, bed and birthing
    chairs, saint Margaret wishing well for babies on bedpost. God is present on single candle. Both have taken off shoes to represent Holy ground. Dog represents faithfullness, call dogs Fido meaning loyalty in Latin. Biggest status is mirror. Rare back then shows wealth especially since vex Jan Van Eyck wrote he was there and shows himself in the mirror.

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  5. Artist: Melchior Broederlam 
    Title: Annunciation, visitation, presentation in the temple, and flight into Egypt.
    Summary: wood on panel, tiptyck, icanography, Gate represents Mary's virginity wearing blue bcause it is the most exspensive color to create.Image Upload 5
  6. Artist: Rogier Van Der Weyden
    Deposition pg. 578
    Known for extreme emotion, Mary collapsing from death of son, her form identical to Jesus, Hangs in Prado Museum in Madrid Spain Transparent tear on Mary. Fuse natural and super natural, real detail, but indicating this painting is very special with the gold background.
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  7. Artist: Hugo Van Der Goes
    Title: Portinari Alter Piece pg. 582
    Date: 1470sImage Upload 7
    Summary: Mary gave birth, layed him down to behold him, leaned up against the collum for birth, Lillies shown to indicate mary's virginity. Vase represents humiliatin. Clear glass represents purity/virginity because intact but can see sunlight passing through. Depiction of shepards is huge prominant role.
  8. Artist: Filippo Brunelleschi pg. 596
    Title: Dome of Florance Cathedral (Santa Maria Del Fiore)
    Date: 1430s
    Chapter: 19 {Italy}
    Summary: Neo-platonism[new study of Platoes Philospophies] Cathedral dates to 1296 but Dome added later becoming one of the first pieces of Architecture that is not midevil. The dome has more of a simple structure like a roman temple. Started as a big hole. aka Dwelmo? [ House of the Lord]In the process of drawing all of the temples, Brunelleschi invented the Linear perspective- [accurate, measuable, linear perspective] Oculus-[ Latin for eye (circular round opening at top] Provides natural light, capped with a lantern by Brunell. The dome is created by two different shells.Image Upload 8

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