Marine Bio: History Of Oceanology

  1. Name some ways (referred 7) of what motivates people to study the ocean back then?
    • -finding a new place to live
    • -conquesr new lands for the country
    • -trade/ acquire more resources from other countries
    • -to create more routes so that it can be easier to travel
    • -to find food
    • -explore and discover to expand knowledge
    • -for national pride
  2. What motivates people to study ocean today?
    • -to discover marine life
    • -harvest natural resources¬†
    • -asses human impact. (How are we screwing up our planet?)
    • -Minimize human impact (save lives and to be prepared for natural disasters.
  3. How were the phoenicians, arabs and polynesians similar to each other?
    each conducted trade
  4. Why did greeks want to explore?
    B/c of serpents and singing sirens.
  5. What's so important about erastosthenes?
    calculates the circumference of the earth.
  6. What's so important about ptolemy?
    Helped establish bounderies, including longitudes, latitudes which were used for 1200 years
  7. What's so important about the vikings?
    They explored Atlantic and settled in greenland and iceland. Made improvements with ship designs.
  8. What's so important about the arabs?
    gained more knowledge of winds and currents and established trade routes in Indian Ocean
  9. What's so important about the Middle Ages?
    Navigation improved as charts began to document hazards and mileage scales. 

    (used portolanus which are charts that included mileage scales)
  10. What's so important about the chinese?
    • very isolate.
    • voyages were not very prevelent
  11. What's so important about the europeans
    driven by national pride

    greedy. wanted more land, gold and goods
  12. What's so important about the christopher columbus
    • led 4 expeditions to find better routes.
    • Landing in the carribeans when he thought he was in india
  13. What's so important about Magellan
    • mission was to sail around the world
    • killed by the philippines.¬†

    Expedition was a success...but he did not make it.
  14. What's so important about Francis Drake?
    • funded by Q.E. to sail proudly with the british flag.
    • attacked spanish vessels and stole golds and goods
    • Q.E. knighted him
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Marine Bio: History Of Oceanology
Marine Bio: History Of Oceanology