Bone Markings

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  1. condyle
    rounded articular area
  2. epicondyle
    eminence superior to condyle
  3. crest
    ridge of bone
  4. facet
    smooth, flat area; usually covered with articular cartilage and part of articulation
  5. foramen
    passage through a bone
  6. fossa
    hollow or depressed area
  7. groove
    elongated depression
  8. line
    linear elevation
  9. malleolus
    rounded process
  10. notch
    indentation at edge of bone
  11. spine
    thorn-like process
  12. spinous process
    projecting spine-like part
  13. trochanter
    large blunt elevation
  14. tubercle
    small raised eminence
  15. tuberosity
    large rounded area
  16. protuberance
    projection of a bone
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