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  1. You have "interval" when any of the following conditions occur.
    • 1. Aircraft ahead is abeam or behind wingtip AND has completed at least 90° of turn.
    • 2. Aircraft ahead has departed in accordance with course rules.
    • 3. At a tower-controlled field, the above conditions are met, AND you are cleared by the controller.
    • 4. If the preceeding aircraft is a full stop, the proper interval is 45° behind your wingtip.
  2. Contents of Seat Survival Kit
    • Water bags (2)
    • Water storage bag (2)
    • Nylon cord (50 feet)
    • Medical kit
    • AN/URT-140 personal locator radio beacon
    • MK-124 smoke signal
    • SOS light
    • Signal blanket
    • Bailing sponge
    • Life Raft
  3. In a spin, trim is ________.
    held constant
  4. During the break, the best trim inputs are ____ and ______.
    Right and Up
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