1. What is tempura
    A Japanese specialty of batter-dipped, deep-fried pieces of fish or vegetables
  2. How are the tempura items offered
    Dipped in tempura batter, fried in soybean oil, and served with Tempura dipping sauce
  3. Image Upload 2
    Spicy Tuna Roll
  4. Image Upload 4
    Shrimp Tempura roll
  5. Image Upload 6
    Salmon Nigiri
  6. Image Upload 8
    Spicy Yellowtail Roll
  7. Image Upload 10
    Tootsy Maki
  8. Image Upload 12
    Crunchy shrimp tempura roll
  9. Image Upload 14
    Chicken Yakitori
  10. Image Upload 16
    Avocado roll
  11. Image Upload 18
    Spicy mayo
  12. Image Upload 20
    Potsticker soup
  13. Image Upload 22
    Pork Gyoza
  14. Image Upload 24
    Zonie roll
  15. Image Upload 26
    Yellow monkey roll
  16. Image Upload 28
    Lobster shrimp roll
  17. Image Upload 30
    Shrimp tacos
  18. How many pieces of shrimp come with the shrimp tempura
  19. How many ounces of calamari come with the calamari tempura
    8 oz
  20. Nigiri
    • 2 cuts of fish
    • Rice
    • A dash of wasabi
  21. Sashimi
    • 5-9 cuts of fish
    • No rice
  22. Maki sushi
    • Consist of ingredients rolled inside seaweed and rice
    • Cut into 5-9 pieces
  23. How is the roll arranged in inside out sushi
    Rice on the outside
  24. How is the roll arranged in the outside in sushi roll
    Rice on the inside
  25. What two rolls on the sushi menu come out in the other kitchen
    • Scallop Dynamite Roll
    • Ra'ckin roll
  26. Describe a hand roll
    Rice and ingredients wrapped in seawood like an ice cream cone
  27. What is the Japenese name for Sea urchin
  28. What is the Japenese name for fresh water eel
  29. What is the Japenese name for Yellowtail
  30. What is the Japenese name for Octopus
  31. What is the Japenese name for Tuna
  32. What two fish are commonly referred to as whitefish
    Halibut and striped bass
  33. Describe tuna
    Bright red in color
  34. Describe salmon
    Bright orange
  35. What is in a california roll
    • Kani Kama crab mix
    • Cucumber stick
    • Avocado
  36. What is the name of the hotsauce
  37. What is in a rainbow roll
    • California roll
    • Yellow tail, shrimp, salmon
    • Avocado
  38. What is in a shrimp tempura roll
    • Tempua fried shrimp mixed with crab mix
    • Cucumber stick
    • Avocado
    • Asparagus
  39. Describe yellow tail
    Off white
  40. Describe surf clam
    Half red/Half white
  41. Describe Octopus
    Mostly white lined with purple
  42. Describe Eel
    Dark brown
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  44. Image Upload 34
  45. Image Upload 36
    Seared tuna
  46. Image Upload 38
    Dragon roll
  47. Image Upload 40
    Crazy monkey roll
  48. Image Upload 42
    California roll
  49. Image Upload 44
    Sesame wings
  50. Image Upload 46
    Crunchy calamari roll
  51. Image Upload 48
    Tuna Tataki
  52. Image Upload 50
    Salmon asparagus roll
  53. Image Upload 52
    Salmon carpacio
  54. Image Upload 54
    Kaisen ceviche
  55. Image Upload 56
    Pineapple Cheese Wontons
  56. Image Upload 58
    Crispy spicy tuna
  57. Image Upload 60
    Veggie Roll
  58. What is the Japanese name for Salmon
  59. What is the Japanese name for Shrimp
  60. What is the Japanese name for Salmon roe
  61. What is the Japanese name for Smelt roe
  62. What is the Japanese name for Flying fish
  63. What kind of tacos do we have
    • Spicy tuna
    • Spicy salmon
    • Ra'ckin shrimp
    • Crispy white fish
  64. What is in the Spicy Yellowtail roll
    • Yellowtail mixed with Sriracha
    • Cucumber
  65. What is in the Spicy Salmon roll
    • Salmon
    • Cilantro
    • Jalapeno
    • Sriracha
    • Poki sauce
    • Cucumber
  66. What is in the Spicy shrimp roll
    • Shrimp and crab mix
    • Spicy mayo
    • Cucumber
  67. Describe the Shishito peppers
    Asian green peppers sautéed in a garlic sauce
  68. Describe the Tofu
    • 8 pieces Tempura breaded and lightly fried
    • Drizzled with Red miso glaze, Red and green tempura bits
    • Served with Japanese eggplant and snow peas
  69. What is in the Pork Gyoza
    Cabbage, Pork and onion
  70. What is in the Miso Hot Soup
    • Sriracha and Chili Ponzu sauce
    • Shrimp, Green onion, Shitake mushrooms, Tofu, Bok choy
  71. What is in the Potsticker soup
    Chicken broth, carrots, snow peas, bok choy, green onions and gyoza
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