1. Antigone
    Daughter of Oedipus and Iocasta; her uncle and new ruler of Thebes, Creon, had issued an order that no one may bury traitors to Thebes. This order is also offensive to the gods. Antigone's brother Polynices had fought against the king. She challenges the order and sprinkles some dirt on her brother. She respects divine laws and laws of conscience more than state.
  2. Sphinx
    ...has the body of a lion, a womans face, and wings. Hera had sent it to punish Lauis, father of Oedipus. She asks people who pass by a riddle, then kills them. Oedipus answers her riddle and she kills herself. This is important because it shows that even though Oedipus is extremely smart, one can never really "know" themselves.
  3. Oedipus
    The oracle had fortold his father that he would be killed by his own son. Lauis gets rid of kid and Oedipus becomes the adopted son of king of Corinth. An oracle tells Oedipus he will kill his father and marry his mother. Trying to prevent this he flees Corith and kills a man he later finds out to be his father. After killing the Sphinx, he is crowned the new king of Thebes and marries the Queen (his mother). He represents the limitation of human knowledge. He wants to know the truth even though it may destroy him. When the truth comes out Iocasta kills herself and he blinds and exiles himself. He left 2 sons to alternate being king and cursed them with war and to eventually kill each other.
  4. Cadmus
    the founder of Thebes
  5. Seven against Thebes
    7 gates defended by 7 lone heros. The two sons of Oedipus fought at one of the gates and killed each other. There were 2 campaigns, and due to the advice of Tirestas the city was abandoned overnight and destroyed in the 2nd
  6. Henrich Schliemann
    father of archeology, found the site of Troy, but was careless digging the trench and distroyed a lot
  7. arete'
    prowess, valor, (dad and grandpa did it)
  8. elenchcie
  9. time'
    honor, value (go through life wanting to acquire more)
  10. geras
    token of esteem, tangible, something you actually get to enjoy
  11. kle'os
    immortal glory, when you die time' turns to this
  12. Agamemnon
    brother of Menelaus and husband of Clytemnestra, commander-in-chief of the Greek expedition against Troy, he is killed by his wife when he returns
  13. Paris
    son of Priam and Hecuba, abducts Helen and causes the Trojan War, kills Achilles
  14. Thetis
    sea nymph and mother of Achilles, begs Zeus to help the Trojans on Achilles behalf
  15. Helen
    wife of Menelaus, and daughter of Zeus, Paris abducts her and starts Trojan War
  16. Menelaus
    husband of Helen and brother of Agamemnon, kills Paris
  17. Odysseus
    husband of Penelope, hero of Homer's Odyssey, after the Trojan War he becomes a "man with flaws." It takes him 10 years to get home. First the winds drive his ships into a city, he sacks it and a fierce battle ensues and he loses a lot of men. Next he runs into the lotus eaters, they are like flower children cult, he is lucky to get his men back, they have lost memory and the knowledge of what's important. Circe turns his men to pigs, he gets her to turn them back and stays with her for a year. Goes to Cyclops next, it's not enough just to eat and spend the night, he wants a gift. Cyclops eats some of his men and they have to get him drunk and blind him to escape
  18. Iphigeneia
    daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemenestra, was sacrificed to Artemis because of Agamemnon
  19. Hecuba
    wife of Priam and mother of Paris and Hector
  20. Hector
    son of Priam and Hecuba, kills Achilles friend, fights Achilles and is rescued by divine intervention, later Achilles kills him and ransoms body
  21. Polydorus
    youngest son of Priam and Hecuba, brother of Hector, killed by Achilles
  22. Laomedon
    King of Troy, father of Priam, had the wals of Troy built for him by Apollo and Poseidon, but then refused to pay. They sent a plague and he had to sacrifice his daughter Hesione to a sea monster. Hercules killed monster and saved her, and he refused to pay, Hercules returned and killed him. Troy was supposed to be safe while his grave remained undisturbed
  23. Cassandra
    daughter of Priam and Hecuba, clung to statue of Athena to try to prevent her rape,
  24. Helenus
    son of Priam, warrior and prophet, prophesied the fall of Troy
  25. Ajax
    warrior that kills himself after losing argument with Odysseus over who gets Achilles arms
  26. Calchas
    Greek seer, reveals the reason for the plague on camp, Agamemnon had taken daughter of priest (geras) and fortells the legnth of the Trojan War
  27. Aeneas
    son of Anchises and Aphrodite, cousin of Hector and second in command of the Trojan army, fights Achilles but is rescued by divine intervention, went to the Underworld to speak to his father, was given vision of the future and was founder of Lavinium, and father of the Romans. He is a NEW KIND OF HERO. The archetype of the patriotic hero, PIETAS. He picks up a Greek and allows him to stay on ship. Anchisis dies on trip. Wind drives them to Carthage and Dido falls in love with him. She kills herself when he leaves. He goes to the underworld to talk to father and get vision of the future. He is given Latvinia for a wife.
  28. Circe
    sorceress that turns a group of Odysseus's men into pigs, Odysseus rescues them and they stay with her for a year, then leave to go to the Underworld to consult Tiresias
  29. Cyclops
    One-eyed monster that captures Odysseus and eats some of his men. They escape by getting him drunk and blinding him.
  30. Ascanius
    son of Aeneas, projection of ideal Roman youth, King of Lavinium and founder of Alba Longa, the city from which Rome was founded
  31. Picus
    son of Saturn and father of Faunus, was turned into a woodpecker by Circe for refusing to marry
  32. Latinus
    father of Romulus and Lavtinia, son of Faunus
  33. Turnus
    Aeneas' rival, he had been promised Latvinia as a wife, he tries to torch the Trojan ships and a goddess changes them to nymphs
  34. pietas
    typical Roman attitude of dutiful respect towards gods, fatherland, parents and other kinsmen
  35. Romulus
    mythical founder of Rome w/Remus
  36. Jason
    • hihgly unusual hero, either triumphant or tragic, his story changes dramatically, he was the true heir to Iolcus, but his uncle took over, he was given tasks to do to win the throne back
    • Main challenges
    • Amycus
    • Harpies
    • The Clashing Rocks "Symplegades" at the entrace to the red sea
    • Bulls, warriors, drago - 3 main challenges for Jason
    • Colchian fleet, Talus - Pursues the argonauts on the way back, Talus is a huge robot
  37. argonauts
    • men that travelled with Jason
    • Achilles father was an argonaut
    • This is the generation befire the Trojan War
    • It was a voyage of discovery, a Greek expedition not set out to attack anyone in particular
  38. Colchis
    land where Medea came from, was a real historical place
  39. Aegeus
    father of Theseus, married Medea then he runs her off when she tries to poison Theseus, kills himself when his son forgets to raise his white flag signalling his survival
  40. Theseus
    King of Athens, Medea's step son, killed the Minotaur, Athens MOST IMPORTANT HERO, he unified Attica. Opposite of Jason's story, his got better with time instead of worse.
  41. Ariadne
    daughter of Minos, she helps Theseus kill the minotaur, when he leaves her she marries Dionysus
  42. Minos
    King of Crete, 3 generations after the Trojan War, he payed to Poseidan to send him a bull so he could sacrifice it, he liked it so much he didn't sacrifice it, Posidan made his wife fall in love with it and the Minotaur was produced
  43. Daedalus
    built the labyrinth where the Menotaur was kept, built the dancing floor of Ariadne, and gives her the thread that she gives to Theseus to help him get out of the labyrinth after defeating the bull
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