The Sensory System

  1. Astigmatism
    An inability to focus images properly because the cornea of the eye is not perfectly curved
  2. Braille
    A system that uses letters made from combinations of raised dots that allows a blind person to read
  3. Cataract
    The gradual yellowing and hardening of the lens of the eye
  4. Cerumen
    A waxy substance that helps to protect the external auditory canal by trapping dirt and other particles; commonly referred to as "earwax"
  5. Cerumen impaction
    A condition that occurs when ear wax builds up and becomes packed in the external auditory canal
  6. Conductive hearing loss
    Hearing loss that results when something prevents sound waves from reaching the receptors in the cochlea of the ear
  7. Conjunctivitis ("pink eye"0
    Infection and inflammation of the conjunctiva, a clear membrane that lines the inside of the eyelids and covers most of the surface of the eye; characterized by redness, swelling, itching, burning and excessive tearing
  8. Diabetic retinopathy
    A complication of diabetes that can lead to blindness
  9. Glaucoma
    A disorder of the eye that occurs when the pressure within the eye is increased to dangerous levels
  10. Hyperopia
    Farsightedness; trouble seeing objects that are close
  11. Macular degeneration
    A vision disorder that results from the build-up of deposits in the macula (part of the retina) and eventually leads to blindness
  12. Myopia
    Nearsightedness; trouble seeing objects that are far away
  13. Otitis externa
    An infection of the lining of the external auditory canal; commonly referred to as "swimmer's ear"
  14. Otitis media
    An infection of the middle ear that is common in young children
  15. Otosclerosis
    An inherited form of hearing loss
  16. Presbycusis
    Age-related hearing loss
  17. Presbyopia
    Age-related loss of the eye's ability to focus on objects that are close
  18. Referred (radiating) pain
    Pain that is felt somewhere other than where it originated
  19. Sense organs
    A general term used to describe the eyes, the ears, the nose, and the taste buds
  20. Sensorineural hearing loss
    Hearing loss that occurs when the receptors in the ear are unable to receive stimuli or transmit nerve impulses
  21. Sensory receptors
    Specialized cells or groups of cells associated with a sensory nerve
  22. Tactile receptors
    Receptors found in the skin that are stimulated when something comes in contact with the surface of the body and presses on them, causing them to change shape
  23. Tinnitus
    Ringing in the ear
  24. Vertigo
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