ECM I and II, personalized medicine

    onset, location, duration, characterize, associating factors, relieving factors, temporal, severity
  2. Format of medical history
    PS Format for Children Health Review (PSFCHR)

    • Past medical hisory,
    • social history,
    • family history,
    • chief complaint,
    • history of present illness,
    • review of systems
  3. Family can be biologic or ___?
  4. genogram?
    • family tree (pedigree) that shows important characteristics of family, relatives
    • Image Upload 1
  5. Family cycle?
    married couples without children....married couples with young ones...married couple with teenagers....aging family
  6. A family is more than the sum of its parts because it is a?
  7. Family homeostatis-equilibrium
    Systems (families) have roles, rules...if things change, there is a pull from the system to not change

    Circumplex model (communication, cohesion, flexibility)
  8. Outcomes of involving family?
    • fewer medical errors, 
    • fewer legal actions,
    • greater patient satisification,
    • greater prognosis
  9. Five family oriented questions to ask as primary care physician
    • 1. has anyone else in family had this problem
    • 2. what do family members believe caused the problem
    • 3. who in family is most concerned
    • 4. any recent changes in your life (Stress)
    • 5. how can you family/friends be helpful at this stage
  10. Four core concepts of patient and family centered care?

    • Collaboration
    • Dignity and Respect
    • Information sharing
    • Participation
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