intro to patho

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  1. What is pathology?
    study of disease
  2. What is a condition having a defined collection of signs and symptoms but not necessarily due to the same agent?
  3. What is the cause of diease?
  4. What are signs?
    objective evidence of disease
  5. What are symptoms?
    subjective evidence of disease
  6. What are tests that a pt/ot puts pts through to diagnose a problem?
    diagnostic procedures
  7. What is a diagnosis?
    determination of type of diease or the cause
  8. What is the comparison of similar diseases by examining all possibilites?
    differential diagnosis
  9. What is a treatment?
    appropriate therapy for the condition
  10. What are signs/circumstances which indicate a proper treatment?
  11. What are contraindications?
    signs/circumstances which indicate a treatment should be avoided
  12. What is the amout/frequency for treatment of a disease?
  13. What is a prognosis?
    prediction of the progression of disease from onset to termination
  14. What is the use of screening to avoid or minimize disease?
  15. What are the 5 major causes of death in the US, in order?
    • heart disease
    • cancers
    • stroke
    • chronic lower respiratory diseases
    • trauma accidents
  16. What is the frequency of disability within a population?

    how often you see a condition within a population
  17. What is mortality rate?
    • measure of the number of people dying in a given time period
    • usually expressed as the number dying per 100,000 population per year
  18. What is the mortality rate determinator?
    # of persons dying per year/ # of persons in a population
  19. What is the measure of the number of newly diagnosed patients in a given time (usually a year)?
  20. What is the incidence rate determinator?
    newly diagnosed causes per year/ number of persons in population
  21. What are diseases initiated by?
    injury- can be internal or external
  22. What is a disease called that is caused from something outside the body?
  23. What is a disease called that is initiated within the body?
  24. What are the 3 exogenous injury types?
    • physical injury
    • microbiologic injury
    • chemical injury
  25. What are 4 examples of physical injury?
    • radiation->sun->skin CA
    • trauma
    • frostbite
    • electrical burns
  26. What are 3 examples of microbiologic injury?
    • virus
    • bacteria
    • fungus
  27. What are 4 examples of chemical injury?
    • acids->burns
    • chemicals->warfare
    • poison
    • drugs
  28. What are the 3 types of endogenous injury?
    • vascular
    • metabolic
    • immunologic
  29. What are 2 examples of vascular injury?
    • bledding/hemorrhaging
    • obstructive (CVA)
  30. What are 2 examples of metabolic injury?
    • hormones
    • abnormal metabolism
  31. What are 2 types of immunologic injury?
    • AIDS
    • underactive/overactive
  32. What is an unknown etiology of a disease called?
  33. What is a noscomial infection?
    • comes from a hospital setting
    • MRSA
  34. What are predisposing factors that make a person more susceptible to disease?
    • age (very young/old)
    • heredity
    • sex
    • environment
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