Chemotherapeutic Drugs

  1. What is the cell cycle?  What does it consist of?
    A series of events that a cell must go through to replicate cells, which consists of interphase and mitosis
  2. What are the phases of the cell cycle and what are they responsible for?  List them in order.
    • G0: resting phase
    • G1: 1st growth phase
    • S: DNA replication
    • G2: 2nd growth phase & prep for mitosis
    • M: mitosis; splitting of the cell into daughter cells
  3. The cell cannot progress in it's division if certain requirements are not met.  When there is a problem detected, the cell may do what?
    Initiate repair or apoptosis
  4. A programmed cell death is called what?
  5. Anti-neoplastic drugs target activity at one or more phases of the cell cycle to interfere with what?
    Cell division or synthesis of products required by the cell
  6. What are the two classifications of tumors?
    Malignant or benign
  7. What type of tumor may spread to other areas of the body by invasion of tissues?
    Malignant tumors
  8. Define metastasis
    The spread of cancer from its primary site to other places in the body
  9. What are common places that malignant tumors spread to?
    Lungs, liver and spleen
  10. What are the two groups that chemotherapeutic drugs are divided into?
    • Cell cycle non-specific agents
    • Cell cycle-specific agents
  11. Cell cycle non-specific agents can act on what phases of the cell cycle?
    All except G0
  12. Cell cycle-specific agents can act upon what phases of the cell cycle?
    Certain phases, such as S or M
  13. Cell cycle-specific drugs are more effective against what type of neoplasms?
    Rapidly growing
  14. Why does chemotherapy tend to go on for extended periods of time?
    Cancer cells in G0 phase are difficult to kill since they are not susceptible to the drugs
  15. Why do side effects of chemo typically affect destruction of rapidly dividing cells?
    They cannot distinguish between cancerous and normal, rapidly dividing cells
  16. What are adverse effects of chemo drugs?
    • Anaphylactic rxns
    • Immunosuppression
    • Cardiomyopathy
    • V/D
    • Alopecia in breeds w/ true hair
    • Cystitis
    • Pain w/ admin
    • Tissue dmg from perivascular admin
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