GCSE Geography

  1. because people tend to buy the most expensive property they can afford there is 
    housing segregation in UK cities - seperation according to wealth
  2. House prices and rents were lower in the 
    inner cities and  these became the poor housing 
  3. what are the enviornmental problems in the inner city
    • housing is either old terraces or cheap tower blocks 
    • many derelict buildings - factories , warehouses , chruches , houses and flats - often vandalised 
    • shortage of open space ; most of what exists is wasteland 
  4. what are the social porblens in the inner city
    • above average numbers of pensioners , single-parent families , ethnic minorities and students 
    • poorer than average levels of health , but higher than average levels of drug abuse and crime 
    • difficult police community relations
  5. what are the economic problems in the inner city
    • local employment declined as industries and docks closed 
    • higher than average rates of unemployment , especially for the young and ethnic minorities 
    • low income and widespread poverty 
  6. among the less well off groups are members of 
    ethnic minorities , especially recent arrivals in the UK , who find it hardest to obtain well-paid jobs ; this is often due to a combination of lack of qualifications and poor English 
  7. for obvious reasons , new arrivals in the city are pulled towards relatives , friends and areas of familiar culture for language , religion , food etc. As the cultural character of the area continues to change , more of the long term established residents move out. This produces
    ethnic segregation , when areas become dominated by particular racial or national groups .
  8. poverty and dilapidation are seedbeds for 
    crime , vandelism and drug trafficking . From time to time racial tension and general discontent have flared up into riots 
  9. also inner cities have inherited problems from the bad 
    planning decisions  made in the 1960's , when comprehensive redevelopment was in fashion , which led to widespread clearances of terraced houses and their replacement with high rise flats 
  10. many of the high rise falst were badly built residents complained  about 
    the cold and damp , broken lifts , open staircases taken over by gangs , criminals and drug dealers . Pensioners and mothers with children felt like prisoners in their own homes . Many inner city landscapes were futher blightened by efforts to relieve traffic congestion in city centres which was tackled by using land in inner cities for buildings ring roads , flyovers and urban motorways 
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