Mythological Families

  1. Who is the maternal grandfather of Heracles?
  2. Who was the paternal grandfather of Iphicles?
  3. Who is the the maternal grandmother of Heracles?
  4. Which son of Perseus and Andromeda was the father of Alcmene?
  5. Who is the wife of Alcaeus, and mother of Amphitryon?
  6. Which wife of Heracles was the mother of Alexiares and Anicetus?
  7. Who was the father of Megara, first wife of Heracles, and king of Thebes?
  8. This nephew of Heracles was his chariot driver as well as backup during some of his other Labors.
  9. Iphicles, brother of Heracles, married this woman, the daughter of Alcathous.
  10. Who was the maternal grandmother of Iolaus?
  11. Who is the maternal grandparents of Odysseus?
    Autolycus and Neaera
  12. Autolycus is the son of Hermes and which mortal woman?
  13. Arcesius is the grandfather of which wily Greek?
  14. Who was the paternal grandfather of Odysseus, and wife of Arcesius?
  15. Odysseus had child with a woman who lived on the island of Aeaea, name this woman and their child.
    Circe and Telegonus
  16. Who are the maternal grandparents of Telegonus?
    Helios and Perse
  17. Perse, mother of Circe, is an oceanid, knowing that, who are her parents?
    Oceanus and Tethys
  18. When Helen came of age she had many suiters, but Odysseus knew he probably wouldn't get her, which relative of Helen did Odyssues pursue instead?
    Helen's cousin Penelope
  19. Who are the parents of Penelope, wife of Odysseus?
    Icarius and Periboea
  20. Name the paternal grandparents of Penelope
    Oebalus and Gorgophone
  21. Who is the father-in-law as well as the grandfather of Oedipus?
  22. Who is the brother-in-law as well as the uncle of Oedipus?
  23. Which father of Oedipus did he kill when on the road to the Delphic Oracle?
  24. Who are the children of Oedipus and Jocasta?
    Eteocles, Polynices, Antigone, and Ismene
  25. Who is the paternal grandfather of Laius?
  26. Labdacus is the grandson of which founder of Thebes?
    Cadmus, husband of Harmonia
  27. Who are the parents of Labdacus?
    Polydorus and Nycteis
  28. Thetis sent her son Achilles to stay with which king so avoid being sent to Troy.
  29. Which daughter of Lycomedes was the mother of Neoptolemus by Achilles?
  30. As a Nereid, Thetis was the daughter of Nereus and Doris, who are the parents of Nereus?
    Pontus and Gaia
  31. Doris is the mother of Thetis, who are her parents?
    Oceanus and Tethys
  32. Peleus is the grandson of which god?
  33. Peleus' father was the king of an island which he named after his mother. Name both his father and grandmother.
    Aeacus and Aegina
  34. Who is the wife of Aeacus, and mother of Telemon and Peleus?
  35. Telemon is the uncle of Achilles, name his son and cousin of Achilles.
  36. Who is the mother of Telemonian Ajax?
  37. Telemon had a second wife, one who is the sister of Priam, name this woman.
  38. Who was the child of Telemon and Hesione. He shot arrows from behind his half brother Ajax's sheild during the Trojan War.
  39. As part of the royal family of Troy, which father of Hesione went back on his word and wouldn't pay Apollo and Poseidon for their aid in building the Trojan walls.
  40. Who was the mother of Hesione as well as Priam, and wife of Laomedon?
  41. Laomedon's brother was taken by Zeus to be the cupbearer of the gods and received marvelous horses as compensation. Name this brother as well as their other brother.
    Ganymede and Assaracus
  42. Dardanus is the founder of Troy, name his son, the father of Assaracus, Ganymede, and Laomedon.
  43. Name the brother of Atreus who attempted to take his kingdom, but was banished by Zeus.
  44. Who was the lover of Thyestes, but mother of Agamemnon and Menelaus by Atreus?
  45. Aerope is the daughter of Catreus, who is the half brother of the minotaur. Name the paternal grandparents of Aerope
    Minos and Pasiphae
  46. Minos is the brother of Radamanthus and Sarpedon, who are their parents?
    Zeus and Europa
  47. Cadmus was banished by his father, name this man, and his wife
    Agenor, Telephassa
  48. Pasiphae, wife of Minos, lay with which monster and was made pregnant with the Minotaur.
    The Cretan Bull
  49. Who are the parents of Pasiphae, wife of Minos?
    Helios and Perse
  50. Perse, mother of Pasiphae, is the daughter of who?
    Oceanus and Tethys
  51. Menelaus was married to Helen, name her parents, as well as their daughter.
    Zeus and Leda, with Tyndareus as a step father. Her child with Menelaus is Hermoine
  52. Who is the father of Leda?
  53. Tyndareus, the mortal husband of Leda, is the child of whom?
    Oebalus and Gorgophone
  54. Agamemnon had three children with Clytemnestra. Name them. Specify which avenged his death, and which was sacrificed and why.
    Electra, Orestes avenged him, Iphigenia was sacrificed to gain fair winds to sail to Troy.
  55. Clytemnestra was tricked into sending Iphigenia to be sacrifed, what lie was told to trick her into sending her daughter to her death?
    Iphigenia was to be married to Achilles
  56. Thyestes wanted to kill his brother, what prophecy was he told that his brother Atreus would die
    If he had a child with his daughter then their son would kill his brother Atreus
  57. Who was the daughter, and mother of Thyestes' child?
  58. Who was the child of the incestuous relationship between Thyestes and Pelopia?
  59. Who are the parents of Atreus and Thyestes?
    Pelops and Hippodamia
  60. Pelops had a tragic event during his childhood, who was his father, and what did he do?
    Tantalus, fed his shoulder to the gods
  61. Who was the wife of Tantalus?
  62. Besides Pelops, who are the children of Tantalus and Dione?
    Broteas and Niobe
  63. Niobe bragged about her children, who was their father?
  64. Amphion is a child of Zeus, who is his mother and which river god is her father?
    Antiope, her father is Asopus
  65. Hippodamia, wife of Pelops, is decended from the gods, who is her father?
  66. Oenomaus, father of Hippodamia, is decended from which gods and who are their spouses?
    Ares is his father by Harpina; Ares is the child of Zeus and Hera; Harpina is the daughter of the river god Asopus
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