Church History Lecture 6

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  1. Recognize the purpose of the Inquisition.
    Inquisition’s purpose – it was the Church’s effort to eradicate heresy
  2. Recognize  the features of the special mobile court  
    Special mobile court

    • 1. Inquisitor
    • 2. Examiners
    • 3. Guards
    • 4. Notaries
  3. Recognize the features of  the two types of inquisition. 
    1. General Inquisition

    o The special mobile court came to town on a “fishing expedition” to find heretics.

    • o They preached a sermon, asking for information on heretics.
    • o Two accusers were required for arraignment and evidence.

    2. Special Inquisition

    o Targeted specific groups, e.g., Jews.

    o Had to be invited by the local, civic authorities.

    o Used torture to get confessions and information.
  4.  Recognize mysticism’s background. • 
    Occurred during the time period of the Inquisition.•

    Arose from the desire for closer awareness of God. Intellectual learning + emotional experience.
  5.  Recognize 

    “Mysticism is the belief and practice that seeks a personal, experiential (sometimes referred to ascontemplative) knowledge of God by means of direct, non-abstract and loving encounter or union withGod. Although…visions, dreams and special may be part of the mystical experience, they are not necessary. Christian mystics generally teach that the true test of the experience is the resulting fruit of theSpirit in the mystic’s life.” (Stanley J. Grenz, David Guretzki, and Cherith Fee Nordling, Pocket Dictionaryof Theological Terms (Downers Grove, IL:IVP, 1999))
    Mysticism’s definition
  6. Recognize  the promoting factors of mysticism.
      29.3.1. A reaction to Scholasticism’s emphasis on logic

    29.3.2. Babylonian Captivity of the Church (1309-1377) Avignon Popes — King of France influenced the election of a French pope who movedthe center of the church from Rome to Avignon, France.

    29.3.3. Great Schism (1378-1417)

    o The church elected a pope who restored the church center to Rome.

    • o Cardinals elected a rival pope in Avignon.
    • o Two popes claiming authority, one in Rome, the other in Avignon.

    29.3.4. Corruption and worldliness — mystics came into this spiritual vacuum.

    29.3.5. Bubonic plagueo Within 30 years, half of Europe’s population died.

    o People wondered, “Is this The End? Is this God’s judgment?”
  7. Understand and recognize the background and definition of humanism. (Sect. 30.1)

    The Goal: A New Golden Age — this educational movement sought out the best ideas of the past inChristian writings and Greek and Roman Classical Period. 


    30.1.2. Ad fonts = to the fountain (the source of truth)Stressed the reading of original documents in their original language because meaning is lost during translation.
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