Algebra I

  1. variable
    symbol used to represent a number
  2. values of the variable
    numbers the variable can equal
  3. domain
    set of numbers the variable can equal
  4. variable expression
    mathematical expression that names a specific number
  5. simplify a numerical expression
    replace the expression with the simplest name for the value
  6. substitution principle
    an expression may be replaced by another expression that has the same value
  7. conventions
    things we agree to
  8. evaluating a variable expression
    means replacing the variable with a specific value then simplifying the resulting numerical expression
  9. order of operations
    rules to simplify expressions with more than 2 numbers
  10. grouping symbols
    symbols used to show expressions that should be simplified
  11. equation
    sentence formed by placing = between 2 expressions
  12. open sentence
    an equation containing a variable
  13. statement
    a sentence that is either true or false but not both
  14. Formula for Area of rectangle
    A=lw   length x width
  15. formula for perimeter of rectangle
    P=2l + 2w     2 x length + 2 x width
  16. formula for distance traveled
    D=rt      rate x time traveled
  17. formula for cost
    C=np      number of items x price of an item
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