Hunting a Killer

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  1. abound
    • Verb
    • to exist in large numbers
  2. autopsy
    • Noun
    • examination of a dead body to determine the cause of death.
  3. bison
    • Noun
    • A large North American And European mammal with a shaggy mane, short horns, and a hump above the shoulders: a buffalo
  4. carcass
    • Noun
    • ┬áthe dead body of an animal
  5. elude
    • Verb
    • to escape with speed or skill
  6. encroach
    • verb
    • to invade someone or something else's space or property
  7. interloper
    • noun
    • a person who interferes or meddles in the affairs of others.
  8. mount
    • verb
    • to increase, to climb, to plan or organize.
  9. sow
    • noun- an adult female pig or bear, or the female of various animals
    • verb- to spread or plant seeds.
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