Modern history 1-4

  1. What are the seven continents?
    • North America
    • South America
    • Europe
    • Asia
    • Antartica
    • Australia
    • Africa
  2. What four countries makes up Great Britain?
    England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales
  3. For what great event was the Crystal Palace built?
    Great Exhibition
  4. Can you name three of the British machines displayed at the Crystal Palace?
    A locomotive, a diving bell, steamship models, cranes, pumps, plows, reapers, models of bridges, buildings
  5. What was the real reason for the Great Exhibition?
    To show how powerful and modern Great Britain was.
  6. Who was the Queen at the time of the Great Exhibition?
    Queen Victoria
  7. Who was Queen Victoria's husband?
    Prince Albert
  8. What was the Crystal Palace made out of?
  9. Where was the Crystal Palace located?
    in Hyde Park, London, England
  10. Why did the British want to spread their empire?
    They believed that they could improve the rest of the world.
  11. Name five countres that held British colonies or territories.
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • India
    • South Africa
  12. Who were the Sepoys?
    They were Indian (from India) who were in the British Army.
  13. Why did the Sepoys not like the enfield rifle?
    They were Muslim and Hindu and were afraid the oil had animal fat from cows and/or pigs in it.
  14. Who was the East India Company?
    A group or merchants who got together to build trading posts in India.
  15. What did the trading posts in India eventually turn into?
    Large English cities
  16. What did the Sepoys think the British were trying to do by making them use the new rifles?
    Convert them to Christianity
  17. After the Sepoy Mutiny who controlled India?
    The British Queen and Parlaiment and the Viceroy of India
  18. How did Japan keep Western ideas and Christianity out of Japan?
    People from America and Europe were not allowed into Japan

    Japanese citizens were not allowed to visit foreign lands
  19. Why did Japan want to keep the Westerners and their influence out of Japan?
    They were afraid the Japanese people would be converted to Christianity and it would destroy the Budhist faith.

    They were afraid the armies would follow the missionaries and take over Japan.
  20. How did the Japanese learn about Western culture?
    Books that were coming into the country.
  21. Who was Matthew Perry?
    The Commodore who brought the letter for to the Japanese Emperor from President Fillmore.
  22. What did the American President want from the Japanese?
    They wanted to buy coal from them and trade with them.
  23. How much time did Matthew Perry give the Japanese for an answer?
    One Year
  24. Who did Matthew Perry want the Japanes to deliver the letter to?
    The Emperor of Japan
  25. Did the Emperor rule Japan?
  26. Who ruled Japan?
    • The Shogun
    • The Japanese Military
  27. Who did the Japanese deliver the letter to instead?
    A local Governor
  28. Did the Japanes agree to trade with the Americans?
    Yes, they made a trade treaty.
  29. Who fought in the Crimean War?
    The British and the French fought against the Russians.
  30. What was the last thing that happened causing the Crimean War?
    The Russian and French Chrisitians began to argue over who should protect the Church of the Nativity.
  31. Why did the Russians want to control Turkey?
    To have a place where there ships could get into the Mediterranean Sea.
  32. Who won the Crimean War?
    The French and the British.
  33. What did the peace treaty say at the end of the Crimean War?
    The Russians had to give the Turkish land back to Turkey and the British/French would get its land back.  The Russians could not keep any warships in the Black Sea.
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