Phases of Somatic Cell Cycle

  1. Interphase
    a long period during which the cell conducts its normal activity, grows and prepares for cell division.
  2. Somatic Cell Division
    occurs when one cell divides to produce two genetically identical cells.
  3. Cell Cycle
    a period which a cell grows and divides into two genetically identical cells
  4. Mitotic Phase
    when the cell is dividing
  5. Mitosis
    nuclear division
  6. Cytokinesis
    cytoplasmic division
  7. Blastula
    is an embryonic stage in which cells are dividing rapidly.
  8. Prophase
    Nucleolus and nuclear membrane dissapear.
  9. Metaphase
    Chromosomes line up at metaphasal plate.
  10. Anaphase
    Chromatids of chromosomes seperate.
  11. Telophase
    Cell reverses prophase activities
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