Zoology Chapter 1

  1. What language do we use to classify animals
  2. What Phylum of animals have backbones?
  3. What are vertebrates?
    Animals with backbones.
  4. What are invertebrates?
    Animals without backbones.
  5. What is Binomial Nomenclature?
    The two-name system of using the genus and species to name animals
  6. What is the mnemonic phrase for helping you to remember the system of classification to name animals?
    Kings Play Chess On Fine Glass Sets
  7. All animals are in what kingdom?
    The Animalia Kingdom
  8. What is taxonomy?
    The process of grouping animals together and classifying them.
  9. What do zoologists study?
  10. Who named the animals?
  11. On what day were the animals created?
    The fifth day
  12. What is air pressure?
    Air pressing against you.
  13. What is airfoil?
    The shape of a bird wing.
  14. What is uplifting pressure?
    The air pressure that is pushing or lifting the wing of the bird up so that it can fly.
  15. What is thrust?
    The force that makes the bird go faster.
  16. What does aerodynamic mean?
    When something can travel through the air without a lot of drag.
  17. What is drag?
    The force that pushes against an animal or object and slows it down.
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Zoology Chapter 1
Zoology Chapter 1