Biology ch 1&2

  1. What is Energy?
    The ability to work.
  2. What is Metabolism?
    All the chemical reactions that occur in a cell.
  3. What is Photosynthesis?
    A process that converts solar energy into the chemical energy of carbohydrates.
  4. What is Homeostasis?
    • Maintenance of internal conditions within certain boundaries.
    • Ability to maintain a state of biological balance
    • Feedback systems monitor internal conditions and make adjustments.
  5. What is stimuli?
    Living things interact with the environment and respond to changes in the environment.
  6. What are genes?
    • Copies of genetic information.
    • Determine characteristics
    • composed of DNA
  7. Characteristics of life?
    • 1. Reproduce and develop
    • 2. Adaptations
  8. What is adaptation?
    Any modification that makes an organism better able to function in a particular environment.
  9. Evolution?
    Change in a population of organisms over time to become more suited to the environment.
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