Stat Vocab 1

  1. Context
    The context ideally tells who was measured, what was measured, how the data were collected, where the data were collected, and when and why the study was performed.
  2. Data
    systematically recorded information, whether numbres or labels, together with its context.
  3. Data table
    an arrangment of data in which each row represents a case and each column represents a variable.
  4. Case
    A case is an individual about whom or which we have data.
  5. Variable
    A variable holds information abou the same characteristic for many cases.
  6. Categorical variable
    a vairable that names categories (whether with words or numbers) is called categorical.
  7. Quantitative variable
    a vairbale in which the numbers act as numerical values are called quantitative. Quantitative variables always have units.
  8. Units
    A quantity or amount adpoted as a standard of measurement, such as dollars, hours, or grams
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Stat Vocab 1
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