CNEL 1030

  1. Ambient (Amb)-
    The temperature of the space around motor
  2. Air-Over
    Motors intended for fan and stream blower service.  Must be located in the air stream to provide motor cooling.
  3. Effeciency-
    The ratio of output power divided by input power; usually expressed as a percentage.
  4. Dripproof (DP)
    Ventilation openings in end shields & shell placed so drops of liquid falling within an angle of 15 degrees.  from vertical will not affect performance.  Usually used indoors, fairly clean locations.
  5. Totally Enclosed (TE)
    NO Ventilation openings in motor housing (but not airtight or waterproof).  Used in locations which are dirty, damp, oily, etc.
  6. Totally enclosed, Fan Cooled (TEFC)
    Includes an external fac, in a protective shroud, to blow cooling over the motor.
  7. Totally Enclosd, Nonventilated (TENV)
    Not equipped with an external cooling fan.  Depends on convection air for cooling.
  8. Totally Enclosed, Air Over (TEAO)
    Air flow from driven or external device provides cooling air flow over the motor.
  9. Hazardous Location (Explosion Proof EXPRF)
    A totally enclosed motor designed to withstand an internal explosion of specified gases or vapors, and not allow the internal flame or explosion to escape.
  10. Full-Load Amps (F/L Amps)
    Line Current (amperage) drawn by a motor when operating at rated HP and voltage.  Shown on motor nameplat.  Important for proper wire size selection and motor starter heater selection. 
  11. Frame 
    Usually refers to the NEMA system of standardized motor mounting dimensions, which facilitates replacement.
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CNEL 1030
Electric Motor Terminology