Oncogene lecture

  1. Oncogene?
    Normal gene that causes cancer when mutated.
  2. Oncogenic-retrovirus mechanism?
    Virus acquires normal host gene (proto-oncogene), mutates it (oncogene), and incorporates it back into genome
  3. 3 mechanisms of expressing oncogenes in humans since virus-induced cancers are the exception?
    • 1. structural mutation: EGF R is always "on" b/c of mutation
    • 2. regulatory mutation: promotor is mutated to always "on"
    • 3. translation of gene: put in wrong place and overlyexpressed
  4. Tumor arise from a single or multiple mutations?
    Tumors arise from MULTIPLE mutations!
  5. Familial cancer syndrom (inherited cancer genes) are common or rare?
    2 Acquired mutations of a single cell are common or rare?
    familiar cancer sydrome (aka inherited cancer genes) are RARE

    2 acquired mutations is COMMON
  6. Two-hit hypothesis
    It takes two mutated genes to cause cancer.
  7. Tumor supressor gene vs. oncogene?
    Tumor supressor gene = p53, tries to repress expression

    Oncogene = overly expressed growth factor or receptor (EGF R)
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