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  1. How do you make a model of something?
    Well you have to look at the real thing then you buy things to make it.
  2. How would you make a volcanoe look like it exploded?
    You would get red or orange paint and you could paint the very top of the volcano and then it would drip so it would be running down the side.
  3. Which would be better?To put a seed in front of an artificail light or in the sun?
    The sun, because it has more air and light.
  4. Would a seed chip easier if it was broken with a hammer or with a knife?
    A hammer
  5. What does degrees mean?
    It is the tempature but it has more to it.
  6. How cold would it be if it was snowing?
    It would be 0 Degrees F
  7. How hot would you be if you got sent home from school?
    100 Degrees or more
  8. If you have a glass of water and you put a rock in it what would it do?
    It would make the water level rise because of all the weight and air in the rock.And the water is light but the rock is not.
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