1. Total parenteral nutrition (TPN)
    Intravenous therapy designed to provide nutrition for patients who cannot or will not take in adequate nourishment by mouth 
  2. Protein (amino acids)
    Parenteral solution required for tissue synthesis and repair
  3. Fat emulsion
    A lipid emulsion intended to supply extra calories and essential fatty acids
  4. Electrolytes
    Salts of sodium, potassium, chloride, acetate, phosphate, magnesium, and calcium added to a TPN to correct any deficiencies and help meet daily metabolic needs
  5. Trace elements 
    Small amounts of elements, such as copper, zinc, chromium, manganese, selenium, iron, and iodine, that are commercially available in combinations for addition to TPNs 
  6. Total fluid volume
    The amount of fluid a patient needs to recieve from the TPN to satisfy daily fluid requirements (usually about 2500-3000 mL daily for an average adult)
  7. Total nutrient admixture (TNA)
    A three-in-one IV solution that includes a lipid emulsion added to the base components 
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