1. Microbiology
    The study of microscopic organisms
  2. Microorganisms
    Minute living bodies that are visible only with the aid of a microscope
  3. Morphology
    The size, shape, and arrangement of bacteria
  4. Flagella
    Hairlike appendages on bacteria that create movement
  5. Obigate aerobes
    Organisms that require an atmosphere with oxygen to survive
  6. Microaerophiles
    Organisms that need only 5% oxygen to survive
  7. Oligate anaerobes
    Organisms that require an atmosphere with no oxygen to survive
  8. Facultative anaerobes
    Organisms that can function with or without oxygen
  9. Exotoxins
    Enzymes secreted by bacteria that can damage the host cell
  10. Endotoxins
    Toxic substances released when a bacterial cell dies and the cell wall is lysed
  11. Gram staining
    Laboratory procedure used to identify bacteria
  12. Pathogens 
    Microbes capable of causing disease 
  13. Prokaryotes
    Less complex cells, including bacteria
  14. Binary fission
    Manner of cell division of prokaryotes
  15. Eukaryotes
    Complex cells, including fungi and all plant and animal cells
  16. Fomites
    Living or inanimate cells that harbor pathogens
  17. Nosocomial
    Infection acquired in a healthcare setting 
  18. Symbiosis 
    Two organisms living together in a close relationship 
  19. Normal flora
    Microscopic organisms adapted to living in the body without causing disease
  20. Mutualism
    Condition in which two organisms live together and both of them benefit from the relationship and depend on it for survival
  21. Synergism
    Relationship in which two organisms work together to produce a desired effect that cannot be produced by either organism alone
  22. Commensalism
    The relationship that exists when two organisms invade a host and one benefits from the relationship but the other is not affected either way
  23. Parasitism
    Relationship in which one organism benefits while causing harm to the host
  24. Disinfectant
    Agent used to kill bacteria on inanimate objects 
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