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    • Passive Transport
    • Transporting molecules across the membrane with no energy.
  1. Active Transport
    Transporting molecules across the membrane with energy.
  2. Simple Diffusion
    • Type of passive transport. Solute moves from one area of high concentration to low.
    • Small and nonpolar: O2 & CO2 Fats n steroids.
  3. What is Fick's Law?
    Net flux: PA(^C)
  4. Physiology is?
    How the body works; its functions.
  5. Four cell types are?
    Muscle, Epithelial, Neurons, and Connective.
  6. External body plan is?
    Open or indirect contact with the outside such as air food and waste. Therefore, lungs and the stomach are considered external.
  7. Internal Body plan is?
    Not indirect contact such as blood
  8. Types of Body Fluid
    • Total Body Water
    • Intracellular fluid
    • Extracellular fluid
    • Interstitial fluid
  9. Total body water
    70 to 75% of water
  10. Extracellular Fluid
    Outside of the cell
  11. Intracellular Fluid
    Inside of the cell
  12. Interstitial Fluid
    Every thing else but plasma. ( tissue fluid).
  13. Homeostasis
    Maintain constant internal environment despite of the external changes.
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