GRE Vocabulary 1

  1. Aberrant adj.
    • Abnormal
    • Different from the accepted norm

    The vegetarian was aberrant while eating at the steak house.
  2. Abeyance n.
    • State of Suspension
    • Temporary Inaction

    You should abeyance your worries and have fun for a bit.
  3. Abstemious adj.
    • Doing without, mainly in food or drink
    • To Abstain

    The nun lived an abstemious lifestyle.
  4. Acquiescent adj.
    Agreeing without protest 

    The acquiescent girl grew into a strong woman.
  5. Acrid adj.
    • Angry, Bitter
    • Having a strong unpleasant taste/smell

    The acrid chef yelled at the waitress until she cried
  6. Acrimonious adj.
    Bitter in temper, manner and speech

    Scrooge was even more acrimonious around christmas time
  7. Acumen adj.
    • Keenness
    • Ability to make quick decisions and good judgement

    Sam gained financial acumen after opening Bad Mikeys
  8. Admonition n.
    • A Gentle Reproof
    • Counsel or warning of a fault

    The Teacher gave the students admonition about cheating
  9. Affront v.
    To Offend, as with a gesture

    He affronted the the other driving by giving him the middle finger 
  10. Aggrandize
    • To widen in scope or make bigger 
    • Increase in power, wealth, status

    Ceasar was aggrandized after becoming emperor of Rome
  11. Aggregate adj.
    Amounting to a whole

    A molecule is  an aggregate of Protons, Neutrons and Electrons 
  12. Allay V
    • Relive or alleviate 
    • Diminish or put to rest

    His hunger was allayed after lunchtime 
  13. Amalgamate
    Combine or unite to form one organization or structure

    Carbons Amalgamate together to create Organic Structures 
  14. Ameliorate v.
    To make better, improve 

    I cam ameliorate my current financial situation if I stopped shopping online!
  15. Anecdote n
    A short account of an interesting incident

    Ryan told me a very funny anecdote about his encounter with his ex.
  16. Archipelago n
    A large group of islands

    The greek islands are considered one of the most well known archipelagos in the world
  17. Artifice n
    Clever Deception

    The trojean horse was an artifice designed during the trojan war
  18. Ascetic adj
    practising self denial as part of religious purposes

    He spent years in a monastery living as an ascetic, thus not partaking in worldy pleasures 
  19. Assiduous
    Persistent, unceasing, perserverance

    Lauren was assiduous in her training program in preparation for the marathon
  20. Astute adj.
    keen; wise

    Elders in folklore are meant to be astute
  21. Audacious adj.

    The boy was very audacious in confronting the bully
  22. Austere
    Unadroned, very simple

    The monks room was very austere with its lack of trinkets and decor
  23. Aver
    To avouch, justify or prove

    Scientists must aver their theory to make it into a law
  24. Banal
    Common Place
  25. Base
    The underlying conecept of a system or theory
  26. Beset
    To surround, as in an attack
  27. Blatant
    offensively loud
  28. Bolster
    To support/reinforce
  29. Bombastic
    Using inflated language; pompous
  30. boon
    A timely benefit
  31. Brevity
  32. Browbeat
    To intimidate in an overbearing manner
  33. Bumptious
    Offensively self-assertive; pushy
  34. Bungle
    To perform clumsily or inadequately
  35. Burgeon
    To grow forth; to send out buds
  36. Cacophony
    A disagreeable or harsh sound or tone
  37. Callous
  38. Calumniate
    To make false and malicious statements about 
  39. Candor
    to be open and sincere
  40. cicanery
    use of trickery to deceive
  41. Churl
    Rude, boorish or surly person
  42. Coda
    concluding section of a musical or literary piece; something that summarizes
  43. Cognizant
    Aware of 
  44. Colloquial
    Common Speech
  45. Complacency
    a feeling of security
  46. Confidante
    one to whom secrets are confided
  47. Congruous
    Appropriate; Fitting
  48. Consternation
  49. Contentious
  50. Contrite
    Penitent; feeling sorry for a wrong doing
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