1. Is it appropriate to wear a sunday dress for a woman?
  2. What could cost you the interview?
    Being Late

    Minor Typo on your resume
  3. Should the resume be at the top?
  4. Who should be reference?
    Employers- current and past


  5. Who should not be a reference?
    friends and family
  6. What is the six standard parts of a resume?
    • Identification
    • Objective
    • Career Summary
    • Qualifications
    • Personal Information
    • References
  7. If a resume goes two pages what should you do?
    omitt whatever is not needed or relevant
  8. What are the three types of resumes?


  9. What is a chronological resume and when should you use it?
    for applicants who have progressed up a clearly defined career ladder and want to move up another rung.

    less effective for applicants who have gaps in work history or are seeking jobs different from one currently held

    or are just entering the job market

    places latest or current job first
  10. What is a functional resume and when should it be used?
    points of primary interest to employers- transferable skills

    requires complet analysis of self, career, and the job sought

    if you consider yourself well qualified a functional resume is worht considering
  11. What is a chrono-functional resume and when should it be used?
    combines features of chronological and functional resumes

    gives quick assurance that educational and experience requirements are met and still use other headings that emphasize qualifications
  12. What are the four sections to a cover letter?
  13. 1.State why you are writing, the position you are applying for, and how you heard of the opening
    • 2.State skills, abilities, talents, experiences, and interests that you can offer the employer
    • 3.State what you know about this particular employer and why you want to work for them or why you desire this particular kind of work
    • 4.Request further information and an interview at the employer’s convenience, not yours!
  14. Steps Used to Organize a cover letter
    begin by revealing the job sought in the attention-getter

    present paragraphs in most appropriate sequence

    end with a reference to action employer is to take
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