Stem Cells

  1. What is current dogma regeneration of nervous system?
    Can't happen, but did happen in a limited fashion in one patient
  2. What part of the brain did limited neurogenesis occur?
  3. Stem cell definition?
    • Divides asymmetrically
    • Can regenerate itself
    • generates all cell types in that tissue
  4. Totipotent, Pluripotent, and Multipotent stem cells?
    Toti: generates all cell types and placenta (capable of forming an entire organism)

    Pluri: generates all cells of organism EXCEPT for placenta

    Multi: generates multiple cell types but not all
  5. Which is toti, multi, pluri? Zygote, embryonic stell cell.
    • Zygote = Totipotent
    • ESC = Pluripotent
  6. 2 Cellular therapy for stroke?
    • 1. Neural stem cells (NT2N and c-mycER)¬†
    • 2. bone-marrow derived stem cells (MPC Athersys)
  7. iPS?
    Fibroblast plus 4 other genes and NANOG cause it to be transformed into induced-pluripotent stem cell 
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