Vocabulary 08/27/2012

  1. Discrimination

    Part of Speech: noun

    - treatment or distinction of a person or thing based on the group or class and favor of or against

    a: fairness

    s: prejudice

    The act of discrimination against someone because of their race or gender, is cruel and unlawful.

    Why is there such discrimination toward immigrants, if this country was founded by them.
  2. Propaganda

    Part of Speech: noun

    - publicity of misinformation used to make people believe in something

    a: truth

    s: disinformation

    Propaganda distributed about the play was not accurate.

    The propaganda about the storm was all false.
  3. Clung

    Part of Speech: verb

    - emotionally attached or held fast

    a: detached

    s: adhered, clasped, attached

    The cub clung to its mother for fear of becoming separated from her.

    The child clung to her mother out of fear.
  4. Twilight

    Part of Speech: noun, adjestive

    - the light just before sunrise or after sunset

    a: daybreak

    s: afterglow

    It is difficult to drive as twilight approaches.

    I love to observe the twilight just before the sun sets or rises.
  5. Squinted

    Part of Speech: verb

    - glanced or looked at something with eyes partly shut.

    a: opened

    s: peeked

    David squinted while running because he did not wear his sunglasses.

    She squinted to see the board because she forgot her glasses at home.
  6. Persistent

    Part of Speech: adjective

    - constantly persuing a goal

    a: surrendering

    s: determined

    Jessica is persistent to finish everything, in a timely manner.

    John will finish the marathon in record time because he is persistent with his daily training.
  7. Resentful

    Part of Speech: adjective

    - to show displeasure towards something or someone due to injuty or insult

    a: like, agreeable

    s: insulted

    The woman was resentful towards her boss after the upsetting comment.

    Mary felt resentful towards her father's action
  8. Anxious

    Part of Speech: adjective

    - extremely worried or very eager

    a: unconcerned

    s: restless

    The boy became anxious when he could not find his father, at the store.

    I was anxious to hear the news about the storm.
  9. Manipulated Variable
    ma·nip·u·la·ted var·i·a·ble

    Part of Speech: noun

    a: responding varible, constant variable, control, dependent variable

    s: independent variable

    - the value of a variable is altered to change some condition

    By changing the manipulated variable, she changed the whole result of the experiment.

    In my experiment, the manipulated variable is how much water I put in the three plants.
  10. Responding Variable
    re·spond·ing var·i·a·ble

    Part of Speech: noun

    - the variable that is measured after the change in the manipulated variable

    a: manipulated variable, independent variable

    s: dependent variable

    The responding variable will tell me how important water is to a plant.

    In my experiment, the responding variable is how long each of the three plants live.
  11. Constant Variable
    con·stant var·i·a·ble

    Part of Speech: noun

    something that is held strong, unmoved for an experiment

    a: manipulated variable

    s: control

    The constant variable can not change or else my experiment will be completely wrong.

    The constant variables in my experiment are the types of plants, which are all the same and how much sunlight they get.
  12. Control

    Part of Speech: noun, verb

    - the power to make something or someone do exactly what you want or need

    -the variable that never changes

    a: powerless

    s: charge, constant

    The crowd was under control until the band came out, on stage, to perform.

    Please control the situation before it gets out of hand.
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