Pimsleur Japanese Lesson 4

  1. Thank you very much (politely)
  2. I am American, but I understand a little Japanese. And you?
  3. Do you speak Japanese?  vs.
    Do you understand Japanese?
  4. You speak well.
    I don't speak well yet.
  5. You speak well vs.
    You understand well.
    • jozu ni hanashimas
    • yoku wakarimas
  6. Where is Ueno Station?
  7. Where is Shinjuku station?
  8. Its here.
  9. Its over there.
  10. Is Ueno Park here?
  11. Where is it?
  12. And Ueno park?
  13. Is it here?
  14. Its not here.
  15. Its not over there.
    Is it over there?
  16. You speak well, don't you?
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Pimsleur Japanese Lesson 4
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