BLock 15 Beer

  1. Glo - Golden Lager
    pilsner - german hops, czech yeast, 5%
  2. Print Master's Pale Ale
    NW style. hint of citrus and moderately bitter 5.5%
  3. Nebula, Naked Oat Stout
    hint coffee, d. choco, carmel. sweet nut flavor and smooth finish 6.1%
  4. Ridgeback Red Ale
    three hots, three malts balanced, 6%
  5. Alpha IPA
    NW style IPA, hopped 5 times- wort and dry, finsih bitter w/ malt profile 7%
  6. Aboriginale - hoppy amber ale
    7 malts, 3 hops, earthy aroma, hop finish 7.1%
  7. Fruit wheat Ale
    changes by season!!!  5.75%
  8. Cask Ale---changes!!!
  9. The Alechemist Biere de Garde
    french style, french yeast, pilsner malts, semi sweet balanced finish. 7.24%
  10. Summer Knights Kolsch
    German Kolsch tradition; Kolsch yeast, Pilsner malts. Lager quality, 5%
  11. Honey Wit
    summer seasonal wheat ale, Belgian white, armoa; orange zest, spice and honey. Finsih: full flavored yet refreshing 5%
  12. Blockhead
    Imperial IPA 9.4%
  13. Tropical Storm
    Farmhouse style ale, one year barreled 6.2%
  14. Ferme de la Ville, Provision
    Belgian style ale 6.9%
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BLock 15 Beer
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