exam 3

  1. omnipotent view of management
    the view that manager are directly responsible for an organization's success of failure
  2. symbolic view of management
    the view that much of an organizations success or failure is due to external forces outside a managers control
  3. organizational culture
    the shared values principles, traditions, and ways of doing things that influence the way organizational memebers act
  4. strong cultures
    organizational cultures in which the key values are intensly held and widely shared
  5. socialization
    the process that helps emplyees adapt to the organizations culture
  6. workplace spirituality
    a feature of a culture where organizational values promote a sense of purpose through meaningful work that takes place in the context of community
  7. external enviornment
    factors and forces outside an organization that affects the organization's performance
  8. specific enviornment
    external forces that have direct impact on managers' decisions and actions and are directly relevant to the achievement of an organization's goals
  9. general enviornment
    broad external conditions that may affect an organization
  10. enviornmental uncertainty
    the degree of change and complexity in an organizations enviornment
  11. enviornmental complexity
    the number of componets in an organization's enviornment and the extenct of the organization's knowledge about those componets
  12. stakeholders
    any constituency in an organization's enviornment that are affected by the organizations decisions and actions
  13. parochialism
    viewing the world solely through ones ownes eyes and perspectives and not recognizing that others have differne ways of living and working. Parochialism leads to an inability to recognize difference between people
  14. enthoicentric attitude
    the parochialistic belief that the best work approaches and practices are thome of the home country
  15. polycentric attitude
    the view that the managers in the host country know the best work approches and practices for running theor business
  16. geocentric attitude
    a world- oriented view that foceses on using the best approaches and people from around the globe
  17. European unions EU
    an economical and political partnership of 27 Demecratic European countries created as a unified economic and trade entity. Three additional countries have applied for memebership
  18. euro
    a single common european currency
  19. North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA
    an agreement among the Mexican, Canedian and U.S governemnts that eliminated barriers of trade
  20. Association of South Asian Nations ASEAN
    a treade alliance of 10 southeast asian countries
  21. world trade organization WTO
    a global organization of 153 countries that deal with the rules of trade among nations
  22. multinational corporations MNC
    a broad term that refers to any and all types of international companies that maintaine operations in multiple countries
  23. multidomestic corporation
    an international company that decentrializes management and other decions to the local country
  24. global company
    an international comapny that centralizes management and other decisions in the home country
  25. transnational/ borderless organization
    at type of international company in which artificial geagraphy barriers are leiminated
  26. global sourcing/ outsourcing
    purchasing materlias or labor from around the world based on lowest cost
  27. exporting
    making products domesticly and selling them abroad
  28. importing
    acquiring products made abroad and selling them domesticly
  29. licensing
    an agreement in which an organization gives an other organization the right to sell or makes its products, using it technology or product specificationsd
  30. franchising
    an agreement in which an organization gives an other organization the right use its name in opperating methods
  31. strategic allience
    apartenship between an organization and a foregin company/partner in which both share resources and knowledge in developing new products or building prodution facilities
  32. wikis
    server software that allws user to free creat and edit web page content using any web browser
  33. blogs
    online dieries
  34. joint venture
    a specific type of stretigis allience in which the partnert agree to form a separet, independent organization for some business purpose
  35. foreign subsidary
    a direct investment in foreign that involves setting up a separet and independant facilty or office
  36. free marke economy
    an economic system in whic resources are primarily owned and controlled by the private sector
  37. planned economy
    an econimic system in whic all economic desions are planned by a central government
  38. national culture
    the vakues an attitudes shared by individuals from a specific country that shaped their behaviorn and beliefs about what is important
  39. globe
    the global leadership and organizational behavior effectives reaserch program, a program that studies a cross-cultural leadership behaviors
  40. social obligation
    a firms engaging in social actions beacuse of its obligation to meet certain economic and legal responsablities
  41. classical view
    the view that mangements only social responasbility is to maximize profits
  42. socioeconomic view
    the view that managemnts social responsability goes beyond making profits and includes protecting and improving societies wellfare
  43. social responsivness
    a firms engaing in social actions in responce to some popular social need
  44. social responsability
    a businesses intention, beyond its legal and economic obligations, to do the right things and act in ways that are good for society
  45. social screeing
    applying social criteria to investment decions
  46. green management
    a form og managemnt iwich managers consider the impact of their organization on the natural enviornment
  47. ethics
    principals, values, and beliefefs that define what is right and wrong behavior
  48. values
    basic convictions about what is right and what is wrong
  49. ego strength
    personality meassure of the strenghts of the persons convictions
  50. locus of control
    a personality attribute that meassure the degree to which people belive they controll their own fate
  51. values-based management
    a form of managemtn in which an organizations values guide employees on the way they do their jobs
  52. code of ethics
    a formal statement of an organizations primary valuse and the ethical rules it expects its employeees to follow
  53. whistle-blower
    an individual who raises ethical concers or issues to others
  54. social entroprenuer
    an individual or organization who seeks out opprtunities to improve society by using practical, innovative, and sustainble a proaches
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