chapter 10

  1. automatic calling routing
    a software system that answers phones automatically and routes calls to staff after the caller responds to prompts: also used to call a large number of patients to remind them of appointments or make announcements
  2. disruption
    an unexpected event that throws a plan into disorder , an interruption that prevents a system or process from contnuing as usual or as expected
  3. established patients
    patients who are returning to the office who have previously been seen by the physcian
  4. expediency
    a means of achieving a particular end as in a situation requiring haste or caution
  5. integral
    essential , being an indispensable part of a whole
  6. interaction
    a two - way communication , mutual or reciprocal action or influence
  7. intermittent
    coming and going at intervals not continous
  8. interal
    space of time between events
  9. matrix
    something in which a thing originates , develops , takes shape or is contained a base on which to build
  10. no-show
    a person who fails to keep an appointment without giving advance notice.
  11. prerequisite
    something that is necessary to and end or to carry out a function
  12. proficiency
    competency as a result of training or practice
  13. reimbursement
    payment of benefits to the physician for services rendered according to the guideline of the third-party payer
  14. screening
    a system of examining and separating into different groups in the medial office determining the severity of illness that patients experience and prioritizing appointments based on that severity
  15. socioeconomic
    relating to a combination of social and economic factors
  16. template
    a predeveloped page layout used to make new page with a similar design pattern or style a standardized file type used in computer software as a preformatted example on which to base other files
  17. open office hours method also called
    tidal wave scheduling
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