European colonies in America

  1. Whos Juan Ponce de Leon?
    first spanish explorer to reach mainland of North America
  2. Hernan Cortes?
    conqueror of the Aztec Empire in Mexico
  3. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado?
    explorer of the America Southwest
  4. Missionary?
    church members who teach and convert others to Christianity
  5. Pope?
    leader of the Pueblo Revolt against the Spanish
  6. Sir Francis Drake?
    English naval captain who raided Spanish ships and costal towns
  7. Who did not accept the Treaty of Tordesillas?
    England. Holand, and France
  8. What groups did the spanish enslave or try to enslave?
    Native Americans and Africans
  9. What did Henry Hudson found?
    Hudson River and he worked for the Dutch
  10. Who was Jacques Marquette?
    a French priest and explorer that explored the North 1/2 of Mississippi River and Great Lakes
  11. Joint Stock Company?
    business in which people pool their money hoping to make a profit
  12. John Smith?
    a leader of the Jamestown Colony
  13. Powhatan?
    Native American leader in whose territory Jamestown was settled
  14. Pocahontas?
    Powhatans daughter who helped keep PEACE between settlers and Powhatan
  15. John Rolfe?
    first tabacco grower in Virginia ; married Pocahontas
  16. Headright?
    50-acre grant of land that colonists could obtain in various ways
  17. House of Burgesses?
    Virginias assembly that was Americans First Legislature
  18. Indentured Servant?
    people who worked for atleast 7 years in return of food ,shelter and voyage to America
  19. Bacons Rebellion?
    Virginia revolt that resulted from differing views on the westward into land reserved for Native americans
  20. Where was Englands first colony?
    Roanoke (P.D Virginia)
  21. What was wrong with the site of Jamestown Colony?
    it was low and swampy, settlers died of malaria or dyentery
  22. What was 'the starving time' ?
    When the Powhatans attacked colonists livestock and kept them from hunting
  23. What was the first crop to make money in Virginia ?
  24. What was Virginia offering?
  25. Which year were the first enslaved Africans brought to the colony?
  26. Purtians?
    people who wanted to 'purify' or reform the Church of England
  27. William Bradford?
    leader of the pilgrims who sailed on the Mayflower
  28. Mayflower Compact?
    rules that the Pilgrims wrote tokeep order in the new settlement
  29. John Winthrop?
    leader of Massachuetts Bay colony
  30. Roger Williams?
    Kicked out of Massachuetts and Founded Provindence , Rhode Island
  31. Anne Hutchinson?
    women thrown out of Massachuetts for saying people could be spiritual without the help of Ministers
  32. Royal Colony?
    colony under direct control of the king
  33. Pequot War?
    1637 conflict over land and in the Connecticut River Valley
  34. King Philips war?
    1675 conflict between Native Americans and settlers; left southern New England open to white settlers
  35. Where were the Pilgrims headed for ? and where did they Land?
    Headed to New world , Landed in Massachuetts
  36. The two colonies formed by the Puritans?
    Plymouth Colony and the Massachuetts Bay Colony
  37. How did the Puritans feel about religions freedom of peoplewho disagreed with them?
    not going to put upwith it
  38. What did Anne Hutchinson believe?
    people did not need a Minister teaching to be spirtual
  39. Why did the Pequot war and King Philips War happen?
    settlers started taking more land
  40. Proprietary Colony?
    grants of land to the loyal friends of the king
  41. James Oglethorpe?
    English general who started the colony of georgia
  42. Quaker?
    member of a christian group that believed in equality of men and women and direct, personal communication with god
  43. William Penn?
    Quaker who started the colony of pennyslvania
  44. Lord Baltimore?
    Catholic who started the colony of Maryland
  45. Toleraction Act?
    law passed by Maryland colonial assembly giving all christians the right to practice their religion
  46. Why did Charles II give grants of land to his friends?
    He owed them money
  47. What were the most important parts in the Southern part of Carolina?
    Rice and Indigo
  48. How were North and South Carolin made?
    Tensions between the area and seven men returned the land back to the king so he divided that which is now South and North Carolina
  49. What were the beliefs heldby the Quakers?
    they believed in direct, personalcommunication with god. they believed in equlaity of all men and women. they also refused to fight in wars
  50. Where did the Quakers settle ?
  51. What form of christianity did the founders of Maryland practice?
  52. Led a group that landed inMexico in 1519 and soon thereafter conquered the Aztecs?
    Hernan Cortez
  53. Became leader of Jamestown?
    John Smith
  54. Sought landin American to be settled by Catholics?
    Lord Baltimore
  55. Built the ''City of Brotherly Love'' in the colony he founded?
    William Penn
  56. Headed the group of pilgims who came to america on the Mayflower?
    William Bradford
  57. Proposed starting new colony for debtors and founded the city of Savannah , Georgia?
    James Oglethorpe
  58. Became govenor of Puerto rico and later left to search the ''fountain of youth''?
    Juan Ponce de Leon
  59. Paleo Indians?
     Hunter gatherers , before Columbus
  60. Mound builders?
    bury a dead inside the mound; Northeast (Mississippi)
  61. Hohokam?
    Tribe , in az
  62. Bering Strait?
    land bridge between Asia and alaska where natives came from
  63. Indigenous?
    Native , Born there
  64. Matriarchal leadership
    Girls inherit everything
  65. Christopher Columbus?
    sailed the ocean to find Asia
  66. Recripocal?
  67. Columbian Exchange?
    exchange with Europe and Indians (food , animal and disease)
  68. Iroquios Confederacy?
    Multiple tribes that got together and fought the Puritans
  69. Colonization?
    take land from another country and put your people there
  70. Push/Pull Factors?
    Factories that push people out or pull people in
  71. Catholics located?
    Rhode Island
  72. Protestants?
    anybody thats not catholic
  73. Agrarian?
  74. Creoles?
    Born in the Colonies
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