Literature Vocab 2

  1. Desolate 
    Without inhabitants; barren
  2. Solace
    Comfort in sorrow or distress
  3. Hue
    Appearance; color 
  4. Providence
    An istance of divine care or guidance
  5. Sentinel 
    A guard 
  6. Vanquish 
    To defeat in battle 
  7. Aloof
  8. Procure
    To get by special effort; obtain
  9. Commodity
    Something useful; an article of commerce
  10. Feigned 
    Not real; pretended
  11. Wrath 
    Fierce anger, or punishment resulting from such anger
  12. Appease 
    To bring peace, quiet, or calm to; soothe 
  13. Loathsome 
    Arousing great dislike 
  14. Abhor 
    To regard with disgust 
  15. Abominable 
    Throughly detestable 
  16. Ascribe 
    To attribute to a specified cause or source 
  17. Incense 
    To cause to be extremely angry 
  18. Deliverance 
    Rescue from danger 
  19. Mitigation 
    Lessening of something that cause suffering 
  20. Inconceivable
    Not able to be understood or imagined
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Literature Vocab 2
Literature Vocab 2