1. Three fundamental skills of attitude instrument flying
    instrument cross-check, instrument interpretation, and aircraft control
  2. What is an instrument cross-check?
    A instrument scan/cross-check is a logical way to check pertinent instruments as you need information
  3. Instrument scanning errors (3)
    • Fixation - stare at single instrument
    • Omission - excluding one or more instruments
    • Emphasis - on a single instrument instead of a combination
  4. Control and performance concept
    Once the control instruments are set, the airplane will perform as expected and can be backed up by using the performance instruments. 
  5. Control Instruments consist of?
    • Power indicators - Manifold pressure and tachometer
    • The Attitude Indicator
  6. Performance instruments consist of?
    • ASI
    • Altimeter/VSI
    • Turn coordinator
    • Heading indicators
  7. Primary/Support Concept
    Divides the panel into pitch, bank, and power instruments. Instruments which provide most essential information during a flight condition are primary, and those that help maintain are the supporting instruments. 
  8. What is the only instrument that provides instant and direct aircraft attitude information? 
    Attitude Indicator
  9. Pitch Instruments (4)
    • Airspeed
    • Attitude
    • Altimeter
    • VSI
  10. Power Instruments (3)
    • Airspeed Indicator
    • Tach
    • Manifold Pressure
  11. Bank Instruments (3)
    • Attitude Indicator
    • Turn Coordinator
    • Heading Indicator 
  12. Straight and Level Flight PRIMARY instruments
    • Altimeter (Pitch)
    • Heading Indicator (Bank)
    • Airspeed Indicator (Power)
  13. Primary instrument for bank once ESTABLISHED in a turn
    Supporting instrument for bank once ESTABLISHED in a turn
    • Turn coordinator
    • Attitude indicator
  14. Primary instrument for bank during straight flight
    Supporting instruments for bank during straight flight
    • Heading indicator
    • Attitude indicator and turn coordinator
  15. Primary power instrument during level flight
    Supporting power instruments during level flight
    • Airspeed indicator
    • Manifold pressure/tachometer
  16. Primary instrument for pitch while ESTABLISHED in a turn
    Supporting instruments for pitch while ESTABLISHED in a turn
    • Altimeter
    • Attitude Indicator and the VSI
  17. Level-off from climbs and descents - general guide
    Use 10% of vertical speed - that will be when you begin to level off. At a rate of 500fpm, add power at 150 to 100 feet from desired altitude and level off starting at 50ft from the altitude
  18. Nose High Recovery
    Add power, pitch down, level the wings
  19. Nose low recovery
    Decrease power, level the wings, pitch up
  20. What instruments should be used to make changes in pitch when flying with inoperative gyroscopic instruments?
    VSI and airspeed indicator should be used to make smooth gradual changes. 
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