Psy 1010 quiz #1

  1. What are the 6 perspectives of Psychology?
    • Pschoanalytic
    • Biological. maybe physiological
    • Behavioural
    • Humanistic
    • Cognitive
    • Evolutionary
  2. Psychoanalytic perspective focuses on what?
    The unconscious mind or childhood experiences.
  3. Biological (physiological)  perspective focuses on what?
    The physical body; what we are born with.
  4. Behavioural perspective focuses on what?
    Observable behaviour; what we do.
  5. Humanistic perspective focuses on what?
    The control and change of oneself
  6. Cognitive perspective focuses on what?
    That what we think governs us.
  7. Evolutionary perspective focuses on what?
    How natural selection enhances human and animal ablility to survive. "We evolve"
  8. What are the intellectual parents of Psychology?
    Philosophy and Physiology
  9. Define Structuralism
    It argued that the most complex conscious experiences could be broken down into basic structures or parts, thoughts, feelings and sensations.
  10. Define Functionalism
    It is how behavioral functions allow people to adapt to their environments.
  11. Name the 6 ways to get an "A"
    • Attend class
    • Set a schedule for studying
    • Know your learning style
    • Find a place to concentrate
    • Reward for studying
    • Take all tests. Do all assignments
  12. Name 6 ways to get more out of lectures
    • Attend class
    • Active listening. Participate
    • Ask questions
    • Read ahead
    • Organize the ideas in a way that makes sense to you
    • Recognize teacher clues
  13. What does SQ3R stand for when getting more out of reading?
    • Survey-Glance over chapter
    • Question-Formulate questions about the chapter heading
    • Read-Read to answer your question
    • Recite-Put material in you own words
    • Review-Go back over key points
  14. Name 5 tips for multiple choice tests
    • Anticipate the answer
    • Eliminate options
    • Be aware of information given away in another test item
    • All of the above. Look for one incorrect
    • Generalizations tend to be wrong
  15. 3 Themes related to Psychology as a field of study
    • Psychology is empirical. Research based
    • Psychology is theoretically diverse. Many different explanations
    • Psychology evolves in a sociohistorical context. Trends, events, issues and values influence psychology and visa-versa. EX-homosexuality was removed from the dsm-iv, and WWII created a need for more clinical services.
  16. 4 themes related to Psychology's subject matter
    • Behavior is determined by multiple causes
    • Behavior is shaped by cultural heritage
    • Heredity and environment jointly influence behavior. Nature vs. Nurture
    • People's experience of the world is highly subjective."Lenses"
  17. 3 Professions related to Psychology
    • Clinical
    • Educational and School
    • Industrial and Organizational
  18. Explain Clinical Psychology
    • Psychiatrist(MD) specialize in diagnosing and prescribing medicinde to treat psychological disorders. Also nurse practitioner and physician assistant, which are nursers with masters degrees that prescribe medicine.
    • Psychologist(Ph.D) specialize in using tests and measurements to evaluate, diagnose and treat individuals with psychological disorders.
    • Therapists evaluate, diagnose, and treat psychological disorders, and have a masters degree.
  19. explain educational and school psychology
    School counselors with masters degree, perform tasks related to students success in school.
  20. explain industrial and organizational psychology
    they evaluate businesses and perform tasks to enhance human relationships.
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