MUH 218 Form

  1. a cappella
    without instrumental accompaniment
  2. arrangement
    an adaptation of a tune or musical composition
  3. ballad
    generally refers to any piece with a slow tempo
  4. block voicings
    chords with the same intervallic shape that move in parallel motion (aka homophony)
  5. bridge
    the constrasting B section of an AABA standard song form
  6. call and response
    pits a melodic statement (call) against an answer or responding phrase
  7. two-beat
    rhythmic feel where the bass player plays quarter notes only on beats 1 and 3 that gives the listener the perception that the music is proceeding at half the tempo
  8. up tempo
    a piece with a very fast tempo
  9. walking bass
    a bass playing pattern in which each beat of the measure receives one tone often scaler or arpeggiated
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