NFM Acronyms

  1. ACP
    Anticipated Critical Position
  2. AOA
    Axial Offset Anomoly
  3. APAC
    Applicability Physics Assessment Checklist
  4. ASI
    Axial Shape Index
  5. CBC
    Critical Boron Concentration
  6. CETOP
    CE Thermal On-Line Program-Design Model
  7. CET
    Core Exit Thermocouple
  8. CIPS
    Crud Induced Power Trip
  9. COLLS
    Core Operating Limit Supervisory System
  10. COLR
    Core Operating Limits Report
  11. CPCS
    Core Protection Calculator System
  12. CRUD
    Chalk River Unidentified Deposits
  13. AEL
    Emergency Action Level
  14. ECBC
    Estimated Critical Boron Cncentration
  15. ECC
    Estimated Critical Condition
  16. ECRP
    Estimated Critical Rod Position
  17. EFPD
    Effective Full Power Days
  18. EPAC
    Equivalence Physics Assessment Checklist
  19. FTC
    Fuel Temperature Coefficient
  20. MTC
    Moderator Temperature Coefficient
  21. PAC
    Physics Assessment Checklist
  22. PDIL
    Power Dependent Insertion Limits
  23. SABD
    Safety Analysis Basis Document
  24. SAFDL
    Specified Acceptable Fuel Design Limit
  25. SEATS
    Software Error and Activity Tracking System
  26. SNM
    Special Nuclear Material
  27. SOER
    Significant Operating Experience Report
  28. SUR
    Startup Rate
  29. TORC
    Thermal-Hydraulics of a Reactor Core
  30. UFSAR
    Updated Final Safety Analysis Report
  31. POLS
    Power Operating Limits
  32. TFSP
    Turbine First Stage Pressure
  33. VOPT
    Variable Over Power Trip
  34. ASG
    Asymetrical Seam Generator
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