1. Refer to the following Cisco command:

    router(config)#ip dhcp pool

    What does the string specify?

    A) name of the DHCP pool
  2. Refer to the following DHCP configuration. 

    R1# show running-config
    <output omitted>
    ip dhcp excluded-address
    ip dhcp excluded-address
    ip dhcp pool Pool_1
    interface FastEthernet0/0 
    ip address
    <output omitted>

    Which of the following statement is TRUE regarding the configuration?

    IP address of the DNS server is configured wrongly as the d) DNS server must be in the same subnet as the DHCP server.
    B) IP address conflict may occurs.
  3. Refer to the figure. Router R2 is configured as a DHCP server. What would happen when Host A boot up and send a DHCPDISCOVER broadcast packet? 

    Image Upload 1

    D) The DHCPDISCOVER packet is forwarded to R2
  4. The diagram below shows the DHCP exchanges between a client and server immediately after the client is turned on. The packet indicated by (3) is known as                            .

    Image Upload 2

  5. When sending a DHCPDISCOVER packet, what IP address will a client use as the source IP address? (Provide your answer in dotted decimal format)
  6. Which of the following DHCP messages is/are send as a broadcast?

    • D) DHCPREQUEST    
  7. Which of the following DHCP packet is sent by a DHCP server? Choose all that apply.

    • B) c) DHCPOFFER     
    • d) DHCPACK
  8. Which of the following statements about DHCP is true?

    D) The DHCP offer message is sent by the DHCP server after receiving a DHCPDISCOVER message from a client.
  9. Which two statements are TRUE about the DHCP server function? (Choose two.)

    A) Client can be assigned an IP address from a predefined DHCP pool for a finite lease period.     

    f) The DHCP server can provide clients with an IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and domain name.
  10. What are the two well-known port numbers used by DHCP? (Choose two.)

    • D) 68     
    • d) 67
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