Wordly Wise Lesson 6

  1. Apropos (adj)
    Appropriate for the occasion
  2. Ascendancy (n)
    A controlling influence; a position of power
  3. Assess (v)
    To analyze and determine the nature, value, or importance of something
  4. Aver (v)
    To declare positively; to state as the truth
  5. Concede (v)
    To admit, often reluctantly
  6. Deficient (adj)
  7. Dogma (n)
    An unproven principle or belief held to be true
  8. Dogmatic (adj)
    Overly positive and assertive about something that cannot be proved
  9. Embody (v)
    To put an idea into a form that can be seen
  10. Impart (v)
    To make known; disclose
  11. Oratory (n)
    The art of public speaking
  12. Propogate (v)
    To reproduce
  13. Proponent (n)
    One who proposes or supports an idea; an advocate
  14. Rudimentary(adj)
    • 1. Not yet fully developed
    • 2. Elementary
  15. Sojourn
    • (n)
    • 1. A visit or a temporary stay
    • (v)
    • 2. To stay for a while
  16. Vociferous (adj)
    • Making one's feelings known in a loud way
    • Ex.
    • The community's vociferous opposition to a stadium in their neighborhood led the governer to abandon the plan.
  17. Orator (n)
    A public speaker
  18. Oratorical (adj)
    Having the characteristics of an orator
  19. Deficiency (n)
    The act of being deficient
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