Vocabulary 08/20/2012

  1. Plagiarism

    - act of taking someone elses writing and pretending they are your own

    a: original

    s: stealing

    When the man had seen a verse of his own song, he sued the other man for plagiarism.

    The student plagiarized a paragraph of Tuck Everlasting.
  2. Bibliography

    - a list of books of only one subject or author

    a: none

    s: none

    The girl created a bibliography about all the books she had read from that author.

    The boy constructed a bibliography of all the resources that he used for the essay.
  3. Holocaust

    - immense destruction especially when by fire

    a: none

    s: genocide

    Hitler was one of the main ringmasters of the Holocaust.

    The Holocaust was a dark time especially for the Jewish population.
  4. Allies

    - joined for the same side

    a: enemy

    s: unity, friend

    Since England is one of our allies, they joined us, in the fight against terrorism.

    Spain signed a treaty to be allies of the U.S.A.
  5. Dictatorship

    - government by a ruler with no limts in power

    a: democracy

    s: absolutism

    Hugo Chaves followed in the footsteps of his hero and became the dictator of Venezuela.

    Fidel Castro has had dictatorship over Cuba for over fifty years.
  6. Quiver

    - to tremble

    a: stillness

    s: quake

    Scooby and Shaggy quivered with fear as they entered the haunted castle.

    You can tell the little girl was afraid because she would quiver every time she entered the room.
  7. Balmy

    - sweet scented almost like balm

    a: chaos

    s: gentle

    The sound of the water flowing, in the river, was very balmy.

    The soft chirping of the birds was highly balmy.
  8. Ambled

    - to walk slow and easy

    a: run

    s: ramble

    The child ambled out of the room, after being spanked.

    The man ambled across the street.
  9. Oppressive

    - singled out by persecution, causing depression

    a: relieving

    s: hardship

    The Germans were very oppresive towards the Jewish.

    In the fifties, African-Americans were targets of oppression of the white people.
  10. Isolation

    - to put a person or thing apart

    a: together

    s: separate

    The boy was in isolation because he got his third strike from talking.

    The new girl felt she was in isolation because she was being ignored, by her classmates.
  11. Melancholy

    - a gloomy state of mind, depression

    a: happy; cheer

    s: sad; gloomy

    Rainy days make me feel melancholy.

    I felt melancholy when I found out my grandma was having surgery.
  12. Forlorn

    - to be left alone and unhappy

    a: joyful

    s: depressed

    Though I stayed with my aunt while my grandma was having surgery, I still felt forlorn.

    I used to forlorn when my mom used to go to work.
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